Thursday, April 12, 2012

Space Access 2012 - The agenda

Below is the schedule for Space Access 2012.  As the conference goes on I'll update this with links to the talks.

Thursday April 12

9 am - Henry Vanderbilt, your SA'12 Conference Manager, with a brief welcome

9:05 - Henry Spencer, "Beyond Chemical Rockets: Overview and Near-Term Options"

9:55 - Keith Henson, "$100 a kg to GEO with Beamed Energy Propulsion"

10:15 - Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, Sara Meschberger

10:25 - break

11 am - Liftport, Frank Smith

11:20 - John Schilling, "Halfway to Anywhere, Part II: Groundwork For Going Beyond LEO"

12:10 - Commercial Spaceflight Federation, Alex Saltman, Executive Director

12:25 - break for lunch

2 pm - David Hoerr, "The Rocket Company, 10 Years After"

2:20 - Ed Wright of Citizens in Space, on “Citizen Science: ‘Pump priming’ For Suborbital

2:40 - Bruce Pittman, NASA Ames, "Barriers And Opportunities For Reusable Launch Vehicles"

3 pm - Space Studies Institute, Gary Hudson, President (do not miss - we can say no more)

3:30 - break

4:05 - Dallas Bienhoff, "Payload Requirements For A Low Cost Reusable Launch Vehicle"

4:35 - Rick Maschek, Sugar Shot To Space

5:05 - Spaceworthy, Ed De Reyes, "Roadblocks To Licensing and Permitting: We Have Met The Enemy, And He Is Us"

5:25 - National Space Society, Paul Damphousse, Executive Director

5:40 - Stratofox Aerospace Tracking & Recovery Team, Ian Kluft

6 pm - break for dinner

8 pm - Scott Tibbitts, eSpace, "From the Hardware Store to Pluto: Adventures in Space Entrepreneurship"

8:30 - Altius Space Machines, Jon Goff

9 pm - Garvey Space, John Garvey

9:30 - Rocketplane Global, Chuck Lauer

9:50 - Matt Cannella, "HySoR Hybrid Sounding Rocket"

10:05 - end of day's schedule. Begin celebrating Yuri's Night, sponsored by Phoenix Chapters of AIAA and NSS! (Don't overdo it, there are two full days still ahead.)

Friday April 13th

9 am - XCOR Aerospace, Mark Street

9:45 - United Launch Alliance, Frank Zegler

10:30 - break

11:05 - Panel: World Space Programs & Prospects - Jeff Foust, Clark Lindsey, Doug Messier, Dave Salt

11:50 - Henry Spencer, "Lessons From Smallsats for Small Launchers"

12:20 - Ben Brockert, "Encouraging STEM Education In The US"

12:30 pm - break for lunch

2 pm - NASA OCT, Dr. Laguduva Kubendran

2:45 - Lasermotive, Jordin Kare

3 pm - Jordin Kare on Recent Laser Propulsion Work

3:30 - break

4:05 - Orbital Outfitters, Jeff Feige

4:35 - Masten Space, Dave Masten

5:45 - Rick Tumlinson, on the EarthLight Institute

5:55 - break for dinner

8 pm - Phil Chapman, "Reviving Human Spaceflight"

8:20 - Panel: Newspace Lessons Learned - Gary Hudson, Henry Spencer, Henry Vanderbilt

9 pm - Armadillo Aerospace, Ben Brockert

9:30 - JP Aerospace, John Powell

10 pm - end of day's schedule. Don't party too late - there's still another whole day ahead!

Saturday April 14th

9 am - FAA AST, Mike Kelly, Chief Engineer

9:50 - Rand Simberg on a Space Property Rights initiative

Gerry Nordley on Tethers Unlimited
10:20 - break

10:55 - Speedup, Robert Steinke

11:15 - Frontier Astronautics, Timothy Bendel

11:40 - Osa Fitch, "The Rocket Test Company: 2012 Update"

11:55 - Percy Luney, VP Space Florida, "An Informal Discussion Of Possible NanoSat Launch Challenge Parameters"

12:25 - break for lunch

2 pm - Michael Clive, "The Mojave Makers Hackerspace"

2:15 - Unreasonable Rocket, Paul Breed

2:45 - Tim Pickens, Rocket City Space Pioneers GLXP Project

3:10 - Ed Wright of Citizens In Space, on "Citizen Science: 'Pump Priming' For Suborbital"

3:25 - break

4 pm - Jim Muncy, PoliSpace

4:40 - Tim Pickens with a few words on "DIY Space Access: Modern Communications, the 'Maker' network, and the Space Community" (Panel to Follow, Panelists TBA)

5:25 - Space Frontier Foundation, Ryan McLinko

5:40 - Panel: Policy Issues For The Coming Year - Phil Chapman, Jim Muncy, Rand Simberg, Henry Vanderbilt

6:20 - end of Space Access sessions for another year. See you in the bar!

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Anonymous said...

Is this series by any chance meant to be on a different blog?

Henry Cate said...

Normally our blog does focus on homeschooling, education and family issues.

Partly because I've found that the blog has become an extension of my memory each year I capture the main points of Space Access.

On Monday the blog will return to the normal program.