Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Article on homeschooling: Documentary Redefines 'Success' for Homeschoolers in Common Core Age

Documentary Redefines 'Success' for Homeschoolers in Common Core Age is a nice article on homeschooling.

It starts with:

In a Common Core world where education is driven by college and career readiness mandates, incessant testing, and social and emotional learning, one independent filmmaker tackles the education establishment in a new documentary, Self-Taught, which zeroes in on how home school kids turn out, explores what defines “success,” and bucks the narrative pounded into parents’ heads that children cannot thrive outside the conventional institutionalized school system. 

The documentary marks filmmaker Jeremy Stuart’s second foray into examining the growing home school trend. His 2014 piece, Class Dismissed, chronicled the journey of a Los Angeles area family, disenchanted with public education’s increasing standardization, teaching to the test, insurmountable mounds of homework, and the resulting burn-out. It led them to pull their two daughters out of the El Segundo Unified School District and navigate the unknown terrain of homeschooling. The film was well-received. It screened in the U.S. and in more than 10 countries.

Here is a trailer for the first film Jeremy produced:

The rest of the article is worth reading.