Thursday, April 08, 2010

Space Access 2010

Below is the agenda for the Space Access 2010 conference. I'll update this with links to my posts as I create them.

Thursday 4/8/10

1:30 pm Henry Vanderbilt, Space Access Society, with Announcements and A Quick Welcome

1:35 pm Henry Spencer, on Affordable Spaceflight Beyond LEO: Alternate Approaches, Paths Not Taken

2:50 pm George Herbert, on "Project 248" - 2 people, 4 days, 800 kg: Minimal Crew Capsule For A Ton-Class Launcher

3:20 pm (break)

3:50 pm Commercial RLV Technology Roadmap/Dan Rasky, NASA Ames

4:30 pm Armadillo Aerospace/John Carmack

5:20 pm Centennial Challenges/Andrew Petro, NASA HQ

6 pm (dinner)

8 pm Alan Ladwig/NASA HQ, on A New Space Enterprise

8:40 pm United Launch Alliance/Jeff Patton, on ULA's Support for NASA's Commercial Crew Development Program

9:20 pm Panel: High-Payoff LEO & Deep Space Transportation Technologies - Jeff Greason, Jon Goff, Jordin Kare, Henry Spencer, Rand Simberg

10 pm Space Studies Institute/Lee Valentine

10:10 pm Future of Flight Innovation Center/Barry Smith

10:20 pm Orbital Outfitters/Jeff Feige (Presentation wasn't given, not sure why)

10:30 pm (done for the day)

Friday 4/9/10

9 am Charles Miller, Senior Advisor for Commercial Space, NASA HQ, on An NACA Approach To Low Cost Reliable Access To Space

9:40 am DC-X, High-Alpha and the Continued Quest for the VTVL Spaceplane/Bill Gaubatz, Layne Cook

10:30 am (break)

11 am XCOR Aerospace/Jeff Greason

11:50 am Paragon Space Development/Jane Poynter

12:20 pm Space Frontier Foundation/Ryan McLinko

12:30 pm

2 pm CRuSR (Commercial Reusable Suborbital Research)/Douglas Maclise, NASA

2:40 pm Panel: Propellant Depots: "Impedance Matching" Between LEO Launch And Deep-Space Missions - Dallas Bienhoff, Jon Goff, Bernard Kutter, Rand Simberg

3:30 pm

4 pm Lasermotive / Jordin Kare

4:40 pm FAA AST/Michelle Murray

5:20 pm SpaceWorks Commercial/A.C. Charania

5:50 pm Tethers Unlimited/Gerald Nordley

6 pm

8 pm Gary Hudson, on The Past Forty Years In The Commercial Space Business And A View Of Its Future

9 pm Dynetics/Tim Pickens

9:20 pm Panel: World Space Programs & Projects - Clark Lindsey, Doug Messier, Dave Salt, Henry Spencer

10 pm Misuzu Onuki, on Japanese Space Venture Developments

10:20 pm Space Diver / Rick Tumlinson

10:30 pm

Saturday 4/10/10

9 am Leik Myrabo, on The RPI Laser Propulsion Laboratory/International Collaboration On Hypersonic BEP With Brazil/LTI Work With Umea Institute of Design On 2-5 Passenger Lightcraft Design

9:50 am Henry Spencer, on Realities Of Nanosat Launch: What Nanosats Are And What They Want From Launchers

10:20 am

10:50 am Masten Space/Dave Masten

11:40 am Flometrics / Steve Harrington

12:10 am Stratofox/Ian Kluft, Bob Verish

12:20 am TBA/Michael Laine

12:30 am

2 pm Unreasonable Rocket/Paul Breed

2:30 pm Copenhagen Suborbitals/Frank Smith

2:50 pm Frontier Astronautics/Tim Bendel, Michael Carden

3:20 pm SpeedUp/Bob Steinke

3:30 pm

4 pm Rocketplane Global/Chuck Lauer

4:30 pm Tim Pickens, on Orion Propulsion: The 5-Year Journey

4:50 pm Panel: Newspace Startup Finance - Stephen Fleming, Eva-Jane Lark, Joe Pistritto

5:30 pm Panel: Politics of the New NASA Policies - Jeff Foust, Michael Heney, Jim Muncy, Henry Vanderbilt, TBA

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