Thursday, April 08, 2010

Space Access 2010 - George Herbert, on "Project 248" - 2 people, 4 days, 800 kg: Minimal Crew Capsule For A Ton-Class Launcher

George Herbert covered some of the problems with big launch vehicles.

He has a proposal of he calls 248: two people, four days, 800 kg. It is similar to a Falcon 1. He wants to get people up to the International Space Station. He is focusing on slimming down the rocket so that it costs less to get people into space.

Going with a space suit is lighter than having a pressurized cabin. A docking / berthing adapters are very heavy. He said one type weight almost 400 kg. He has a proposal for a new berthing mechanism. One tube fits inside the other, and then something inflates which seals. This is a lot lighter and don’t have to precisely align. He showed a sketch of the rocket.

He talked about some stuff he is still trying to work out.

Main entry point.

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