Saturday, April 14, 2012

Frontier Astronautics, Timothy Bendel

Can drive a truck right into the silo.  They are interested in a variety of areas.  Stone Aerospace signed a contract with Frontier to help develop a device to go into the liquids of Europa. 
They have access to a large laser welder. 
They have worked on a flight control system.
He showed their rocket testing environment, the flame trench.  They have a crane for lifting a rocket for testing. 
The University of Colorado is doing some testing at the facilities.  He showed a video.
He talked about Hydrogen Peroxide.  Someone is producing Hydrogen Peroxide at the facility.  He says hydrogen peroxide is non-toxic and water-soluble.
They are working with Darma, a group which has moved from South Korea.
He put a pled for Angel Investors to help with Darma.  They want just one million dollar investment. 
He talked about some of the benefits of working in Wyoming.  He showed how expensive it is operate in California. 
They are applying to have a spaceport in Wyoming.  It would be a privately held spaceport.

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