Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jim Muncy, PoliSpace

Jim works to influence space policy.  Jim recently hired a third staff member. 
He will only briefly talk about NASA human space flight.  There has been a lot of discussion at NASA about human flight.  NASA has started to changed their thinking a bit to allow commercial solutions.  Congress recognizes that there are valid commercial options.  It looks like NASA might get a cut of about 7% to 8% in the next budget.  It would be a huge cut. 
Most of what he wants to talk about is the FAA regulation environment.  John Rockefeller, a senator, was not happy with a recent extension.  His staff told a bunch of people he would not like to move forward on regulation.  The current thought is to allow industry to operate with less regulation so they could figure out what works.  The industry didn’t evolve as fast as people were hoping.  Jim argues that we need a gradual change by the FAA in their regulations.  One group in the FAA encouraged the FAA to release all their data so everyone can learn from the data.

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