Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Some of our best posts

We’ve been blogging for a year and half now. We’re rapidly approaching 1200 posts. We’d like to help new readers find some our best posts. The following are some on homeschooling we think others may especially enjoy.

Considering homeschooling?

Is homeschooling right for you?

Reasons to homeschool

Time - Homeschooling gives families time to do what matters most.

Teaching children how to think - Help children to learn how to use their brain.

Benefits of homeschooling

Homer’s Odyssey – We were surprised to find our daughters enjoyed The Odyssey.

Kids love to learn – Children can be learning when we least expect it.

Stacking the deck – Homeschooling allows parents stack the deck in our favor.

School would have ruined that kid! – Homeschooling allows children to learn when they are ready to learn.

Resilient Children – Homeschooling helps children to be resilient.

How does homeschooling work?

A Classical Homeschool Day - One “typical day” at the Cate household.

Unschool day – Another “typical’ day

Susan Wise Bauer – her books & her “typical” days of homeschooling

Unschool lessons in economics (or trip to the mall)

A Good Homeschool Day

Beginning to Homeschool

Baby steps to homeschooling

Starting to homeschool

Interenet Resources on Homeschooling

Important lessons to teach children

The importance of work - Help children develop a work ethic.

Reasons to avoid public school

Public Education wastes money

Textbooks are badly written

Teacher quality in government schools is undependable

Institutionalized education wastes time


Schools Quash Student's Enthusiasm for Learning

Slave to the system

Thoughts about public schools

Vouchers - Thoughts about why vouchers are not going to happen soon.

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Idaho Dad said...

Thanks for these links. I've got a lot of reading to do. I plan on spending the summer becoming a better teacher. It feels like the first year was just a practice-run!

Janine Cate said...

I found that each year got a little easier. Getting things planned out ahead of time helps as long as your are flexible.

Good luck!

Jana Miller said...

Just found your site...what a great rsource to poit new homeschool families towards.
xo Jana

educator said...

Teachers are now the biggest influx into the home school venue. Thinking About Homeschooling? Teachers Are.