Thursday, November 03, 2005

Kids love to learn

We are starting our 7th year of homeschooling. Over the years we've had many experiences that remind me how children love to learn if not burned out by school. My last visit to the eye doctor demonstrated this.

I went in to pick out a new pair of glasses. After I spent a few minutes looking at frames, I realized that my daughters (ages 11, 9, 5) were no longer with me. I looked up and found them on the waiting room side of the office. They were gathered around a TV screen watching an explanation of laser eye surgery which included diagrams of the eye. All three watched the video for about ten minutes. My 9 year old watched for the full half hour we were at the office. After picking out my glasses, I stopped to check with the receptionists about my next appointment. The receptionist commented to me that, "We've never had kids sit and watch that eye video before." I just smiled to myself and thought, "I just love homeschooling."


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