Thursday, November 17, 2005

unschool day

Today was one of those "unschool" days. Things just didn't go as planned. My oldest started with her piano practicing. Usually, we are pretty structured. However, my middle daughter got up complaining of a headache and a stuffy nose and spent the day as the "sick" kid. We had family scripture study and my husband went off to work.

My middle daughter wrote in her journal but said she was too sick to practice the piano. She ended up lying on the couch watching her older sister's (the "well" kid's) history and science class. (My 6th grader takes classes from a private religious school which she watches on DVD.)

My five year old kept changing clothes. First she was a princess. Then she was something else. I lost track. I need to send her into her room to clean up the mess she left.

For most of the morning, there was a throw blanket on the front room floor (on a sheet to keep it clean) that I was working on as a Christmas gift. The girls took turns helping, even the "sick kid." I had learned how to do this particular project two days ago while helping some friends make blankets and quilts for Project Linus. I don't sew or do crafty things much, so with some trepidation I took my self off to the fabric store yesterday and bought the material. It turned out quite nicely, so everyone I know is getting a new throw blanket this year. The girls are excited about making blankets for their cousins. We planned our next outing to the fabric store.

My oldest daughter has a paper due tomorrow on the archetypes and symbols in her favorite book. So, we spent most of the afternoon working on that. The neighbor boy came over to play after he got home from kindergarten. He stayed until dinner time.

Around 3 O'clock, a pump trainer showed up at my house to show me how to use my new insulin pump. I recently dropped my old one and broke it. Of course, they don't sell that model anymore, so I had to upgrade to the new model which doesn't use any of the supplies I have on hand. It also comes with a new blood tester which is different from my current blood tester. I spent some time trying to figure out how it works. I didn't really pay much attention to the kids for the next hour or so.

My youngest daughter took the white "popcorn" packing stuff from the box the pump supplies came in to use as snow on the art project she was working on. The "sick" kid wandered off to read a book. The "well" kid wandered off to read a book too, even though she should have been working on her math.

Eventually, the "well" kid unloaded the dishwasher. The now "sort of sick kid" had a tea party with her younger sister before deciding she might be sick again.

I just realized that I gave myself a blister on the side of one finger. It must have been from the scissors I used to cut out the blanket pieces. My 5 year old came in and asked if she could "play on the computer or have a piece of candy." I said no to the candy and yes to the computer. The 5 year old calls me in to the other room to help her read the words on the computer screen.

I realize that I still have not done piano with the 5 year old. I sit by the piano while she practices her “twinkle songs.” Boy, I hate this stage.

My husband is working late tonight, so I'm not making dinner. I told the big kids to fend for themselves. They finish off the rolls I made two days ago, so I make macaroni and cheese. Only the 5 year old eats it.

The big girls take themselves off to shower and get ready for bed.

All the kids end up in the back porch playing paper dolls. They draw pictures of horses and cut them out. They even set up breeding programs for their various mares and stallions. They often make charts of the breed and the names they want to use for the new colts.

I call the "sick" kid to load the dishwasher, the 5 year old to pick up the packing popcorn scattered around the house, and the oldest to tidy up the family room. At this point, they all say they are hungry and decide to eat the macaroni and cheese.

My new insulin pump beeps. It takes a few minutes to figure out what the beep means and what I'm supposed to do. I go have some mac and cheese too. The "not so sick anymore" kid is in the kitchen singing while she loads the dishwasher. My oldest daughter went off to tidy up the family room like I asked. The five year old goes to get her pajamas on.

After the kids go to bed, my husband gets home. He is disappointed to find there are no left overs.


Anonymous said...

Came by from the carnival of unschooling - love your post!

Janine Cate said...

The longer we homeschool, the more relaxed I get. I am probably too uptight to be a true unschooler, but a little unschooling now and again is good for the soul.