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Carnival of Homeschool: Week 314 - The 6th Anniversary

Welcome to the sixth anniversary of the Carnival of Homeschooling. It is one of the longest running weekly blog carnivals. This is the 314th edition!

My wife and I are very grateful that there are so many people who participate, help promote the carnival, and give us encouragement. We are especially appreciative of the several dozen people who take turns hosting the carnival.

Carnival of Homeschooling

The theme for this carnival is "Starting the New Year." We've just entered 2012 and many homeschool bloggers are thinking about their plans for the New Year.

Goals and Resolutions

With a New Year, we often step back and reconsider what we are doing and what we might want to do differently.

With Reminders, Christy provides a new way (and a helpful way) to look at New Year’s resolutions, posted at Eclectic Momma.

In Looking Back Before Looking Ahead Pamela reflects on 2011, which included a five week road trip with her children, posted at Blah, Blah, Blog.

Jen writes about the process of Goal setting for the Whole Family, posted at Forever, For Always, No Matter What.

In God’s Will for Your Homeschool, Vicki shares ideas for seeking God in your homeschool as 2012 begins, and a FREE download to help you set priorities and handle your calendar accordingly, posted at 7 Sisters Innovative Homeschool Helps.

The Homeschool Dad lists five of his goals for the New Year in Resolved.

Kelly reminds us that along with making goals for our children, we should have our own Personal Learning Journey, posted at The Homeschool Co-op.


As homeschoolers, we put a lot of focus on the education of our children.

In the post A Self-Taught Couple Who Dabbles, Susan includes snippets from a news article about how long-time homeschoolers deal with the economy and their lifestyle, posted at Corn and Oil.

In Just for Us Homeschool Parents, Chris encourages us “To take a look at what we are worth! Believe in the value of what we add to our children, community and society as a whole. We are the ones who will guide the best of the next generation.” Posted at Home School vs. Public School.

My Daughter Does Not Have Bieber Fever is a fun story by a proud NerdMom, posted at NerdFamily Blog.

Michelle presents The Face of Homeschooling: Interview with Jennifer posted at Holistic Homeschooler.


Reading is very popular with homeschoolers. My family has started the New Year with everyone reading books. Out of the 30 posts for this carnival, seven of them have to do with reading. I'm sure homeschoolers will do a lot of reading in the New Year.

Jimmie has Three Reasons Why You Should Read Aloud to Your Independent Readers, posted at Help You Manage Your Life.

Along with reading we, teach our children to spell. Jennifer shares her experience in Spelling Lessons with Explode the Code, posted at Adventures in Mama-Land.

Susan has a weekly “Virtual Curriculum Fair” for the month of January. This week’s post, On Learning to Spell, has several ideas for helping children to be better spellers, posted at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds.

In Shakespeare and Audio Books, Nadene recounts how she read aloud Julius Caesar with her tenth grade daughter and greatly enjoyed it. Now she is considering having her younger children listen to other works by Shakespeare, posted at Practical Pages.

Karyn wrote a book review on America The Last Best Hope. This is third book in a series about history and also covers recent history. It is posted at Teach Beside Me.

The Read Aloud Dad provides a fun story with his review of Dinosaur Cove: Attack of the Readaloudsaurus.

Carol reminds us about the important of writing in Teach Your Child to Write, posted at Everything Home With Carol.

Art, Music and Geography

Education is more than just the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. Homeschoolers know this and will spend time in the New Year helping their children learn other topics.

Jimmie has materials and ideas for studying the artist Pieter Bruegel, posted at Jimmie’s Collage.

Mary provides some resources and links for nature study/artist study highlighting John James Audubon, posted at Homegrown Learners.

Cristina shows off some cool presents her son created in Crafting Christmas the Guy's Way, posted at Home Spun Juggling.

Regena provides a Ninth Grade Music Appreciation Plan.... which includes links to worksheets and other resources, posted at Green Apple’s Blush.

Jimmie has a free printable that can be used with the study of any country, posted at The Notebooking Fairy.

Education beyond academics

Many parents decide to homeschool because they want to teach their children additional topics. True education is more than the academics.

In Homeschooling Homesteaders: Teaching Self-Reliance Skills, Janice explains that self-reliance means looking ahead, anticipating potential dangers, and setting aside resources to care for your family in the event of an emergency, posted at Taking Time For Things That Matter.

In Exploring Your Interests WILL Take You Places, Sue reflects on her three children’s hobbies and fascinations over the years and recognizes the value in allowing them to develop their own interests, posted at A Life Full of Days.

Judy shares some important thoughts by John Taylor Gatto And State Controlled Consciousness, posted at Consent Of The Governed.


Homeschoolers do a great job of sharing. The following bloggers provide some great resources to help everyone in 2012.

Mrs. White has been homeschooling since 1990. Homeschooling Stories and Ideas – Index of Articles provides quick access to some of her experiences and the lessons she has learned over the years. This is from her blog: The Legacy of Home.

Lisa shares suggestions from others on Handling the Morning Wake-up (Encouragement to Kiss Those Rough Mornings Goodbye!), posted at Homeschool Circus.

In tutor your own child, who would’ve thought? Kat reviews a book extolling the methods of homeschooling for the public/private schooled child, posted at No Fighting, No Biting!

Annie Kate provides a list of Resources for Shakespeare’s Henry V she used recently, posted at Tea Time with Annie Kate.


One of the few constants in life is that life constantly changes. Each year is different.

The Thinking Mother is struggling with self-doubts and shares them in Having that "Throw Them in School" Phase Again.

In Changes, Changes: Here We Go Again! Tina explains how they are switching from a traditional school calendar (i.e., September-May) to an alternate (southern hemisphere) schedule, in which an academic term (or “school year”) will begin in January and end in December, posted at Being Made New.

Dee is feeling Lost in the Fog and trying to figure out how to do a better job her lesson plans, posted at Homeschool Online.

We humbly submit our post about Thoughts on hosting the carnival where I share hits on how to put together a blog carnival more easily.

Carnival of Homeschooling 

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Carnival of Homeschooling 


Alasandra said...

Loved the "Starting the New Year" theme. I am looking forward to reading the many interesting post you have collected when I get back from the store.

honeymoon package maldives said...

Thank you for sharing your articles, I hope you have an interesting and creative new year.

jugglingpaynes said...

The carnival looks great! Happy anniversary and thank you for all you do for the online homeschooling community!

Peace and Laughter,

Janice Campbell said...
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Janice Campbell said...

Congratulations on the 6th anniversary of the CoH! It's quite an accomplishment to keep one going year round for so long. Thanks for including my homesteading article!

Rose Godfrey said...

Nicely organized, great job as usual.

English Improvement said...

We are a Canadian homesquirreling family. Dad, known as Mr. Fixit, has lined the nest with old copies of Popular Mechanics. Mama Squirrel enjoys reading, scrounging, and raising the squirrelings: The Apprentice, Ponytails, and Crayons. And there's Uncle Dewey, who is made of polyester and imagination and has lived in our treehouse for years. Climb up, you're welcome!

Henry Cate said...

Thank you all for your kinds words and support. Best wishes for 2012.

Unknown said...

Congrats on 6 years! Thanks for doing this and glad I could be a part of it :-)