Monday, January 02, 2012

Thoughts on hosting the carnvial

I always approach the carnival with a bit of dread.  It can be a lot of work.  Often I can spend ten to twenty hours putting it together.

It seems to be coming together easier this time.  At first I wasn't sure why.

Normally I'll think of a theme in the weeks before the carnival.  A good theme can make the carnival more fun to read so it is not just a list of links.  BUT, not every post will fit cleaning into a theme, and it can take a lot of work to push various posts into the framework of the theme. 

This time I had a couple ideas in mind for the theme, but I wasn't committed to any of them.  This morning I skimmed all the posts, kicked around five or six themes, and then selected a theme which seems to fit all the posts. 

It has been much easier to place each post within the framework of the theme!

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Mama Squirrel said...

That's usually the way it goes for me, too--no plan until I actually start working on a carnival. Often there's one post that stands out, or maybe there just seems to be an idea that runs through several of them. I still get hits on the Wrinkly Superhero edition.

Congratulations on your six years!