Monday, February 06, 2006

The Carnival of Homeschooling: Week 6

Can you spot a homeschooler in a crowd? Here are some of the "signs".

From our Scenic Area, see what a typical Unschool Day looks like from A Day in Our Lives. Then wander to Australia where Bruggie Tales describes a homeschool day at their place.

Let's look at what happens when we go the "wrong way." The Thinking Mother blogs about why socialization is not a good enough reason to send kids to school. Twice Bloomed Wisteria thoughtfully explores some missteps in her homeschooling journey. At SpunkyHomeSchool, Spunky opens the discussion about what to do if you encounter someone who is failing to homeschool their children but claims to be.

Atypical Life describes how her daughter is just "on" all the time. It is a special moment when a child first begins to read. No stopping here.

The Learning Umbrella takes on the claim that homeschooling promotes separatism and elitism. Dandelion Seeds remarks that comparing homeschooling and public school is like comparing apples and oranges. Family School explains the paradoxes typical of homeschooled children.

At Patricia Ann's Pollywog Creek Porch, Patricia looks back on 20 years of homeschooling experience. Tootle's Time posts about their constant re-evaluation of what is important.

At a Hen's Pace describes making a decision to change homeschool style when at a "crossroads."

Do you ever miss the signs that its time to stop? Janine of Why Homeschool muses on why we need to wait for children to bloom.

Here's a sign pointing the way to the "men's room." From the Dad's Corner, we hear how parents, especially fathers, need to plan for navigating their sons' to manhood. Kim at Mother-Lode discusses raising boys to be gentlemen.

Julee of Homeschool Daze describes how her in-laws made a surprising u-turn in their opinion about homeschooling.

PalmTree Pundit writes about how important the public library has been in their homeschooling. Farm School lists some good books to read, and links to book lists to celebrate International Literacy Day. Tami's Blog recommends a good book for teaching teens about financial responsibility.

This sign points the way to the neighborhood house of worship. Trivium Pursuit expounds on Raising Godly Children in an Urban Climate. Blessed to be Homeschool3ks relates How God shows himself in our daily life. Holy Experience waxes poetical about the role of parents is to be a provider of oxygen.

Common Room shares some copywork and dictation material for Valentine's day.

Hopefully these signs will help you navigate your way around homeschooling.

We hope you have enjoyed this Carnival of Homeschooling.


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(Sign images are from the Manual of Traffic Signs, by Richard C. Moeur.)


Kim Anderson said...

Thank you! This is a fun presentation.

Joanne said...

Thank you! You did a great job again. I like the way you set it up.


A Day in Our Lives

Andrea R said...

Thank you!
(still snickering to myself over the "inmates working". How apt at times!)

Anonymous said...

Hello Cates,

I've a new site, more heavily leaning on homeschooling than my previous little place, and I would like to see if you could include in your miscellaneous homeschool blogs.

Captain Me Planet
(Captain Mom)

I think I will also be submitting a piece fort the upcoming carnival...if I can finish in time! Thanks for you effort here,
Captain Mom

Henry Cate said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. I agree, my wife did a great job in pulling together the layout.