Monday, July 23, 2012

Chem Lab Camp Day 1

As I mentioned in Lab Sciences, providing chemistry lab experience is a bit of a challenge for homeschoolers like us.

Today, was the first day of my Do-it-yourself Chemistry Lab Camp.  We got off to a good start.  We have 12 homeschool high school students meeting in my one car garage.

The kids did well and had a good time.  I had been a little worried that 4.5 hours was going to be too much at one sitting.  It helped that we had a master teacher and a short 15 minute break with snacks in the middle.

We really like the lab kit,CK01A Standard/Honors Home School Chemistry Laboratory Kit by Home Scientist LLC.  When we ordered 7 kits, they threw in extra goggles because they correctly assumed were were doing a co-op class. 

The only real problem we had was the circuit breaker.  The outlet on the ceiling for the garage door couldn't handle the two hot plates, hair dryer and desk lamp.  We ended up running an extension cord into the kitchen. 

And speaking of kitchens, the moms who stayed hung out and discussed politics while I cleaned my beautifully remodeled kitchen.

I'm also really glad we kept our old refrigerator in the laundry room.   It is a great place to store today's experiments on recrystallization.

For more info on our Chem Lab Camp see Day 2.


Mike Woods from Indianapolis said...

One thing I would worry about with home schooling is the potential lack of opportunity to socialize with other children. How is this handed in a home school context?

Janine Cate said...

You're joking, right?

I guess that could be an issue in a isolated rural area, but here in sunny California, our homeschooled children have far too many outside social activities to choose from.

Well, let's look at the dozen students in the class. Some attend community college, co-ops, band/orchestra, soccer practice, theater/drama rehearsal, choir practice, karate class, homeschool park day, homeschool teen groups, church groups for children/teens, neighborhood activities, scouts, other classes like our Do-it-yourself Chemistry lab camp,extended family outings, chess club, Lego League, activities hosted by private schools, dances, swim club, and so forth.

I think you get the picture. Homeschooled children have many opportunities to "socialize." However, I do spend more time in my car driving from place to place than I would like.

I hope that answers you question. ;)

Dual Role Grandma said...

'd just like to add to Janine's reply.

No, homeschooled children generally do not sit at desks in a room with other children the same approximate age, with the only adult being a teacher, for 13, possibly up to 15 years. This is not a social moment, in my opinion, as the children are not being given a social opportunity, but a 13 year plus lesson in regimentation.

But as Janine correctly points out, homescholers are on the road constantly seeking out learning opportunities, and with those learning opportunities come socialized moments, those Janine mentioned and more. They come with them not only the opportunities to socialize with other children, but children of varying ages and interests, as well as adults of different backgrounds.

A smart marketer would come up with the Homeschool Debit Card, with a special pay-off for transportation.