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Carnival of Homeschool: Week 210 - The 4th Anniversary

Welcome to the fourth anniversary of the Carnival of Homeschooling. This is the 210th edition! This is one of the longest running weekly blog carnivals!

My wife and I are very grateful that so many people who participate, who help promote the carnival, and who give us encouragement. We are especially appreciative of the several dozen people who take turns hosting the carnival.

Four years ago we started up the carnival for several reasons. The carnival would provide a way for homeschoolers to teach and give encouragement to each other. Each week dozens of bloggers continue to do just that. This week is a great example.

Carnival of Homeschooling

Advice for beginners

Transitioning to homeschooling can be very hard. Homeschooling is almost another culture. There are new words, new ideas, and even new behaviors. It is good to get advice and support from others. A little direction can save a beginner from big mistakes.

In When Your Family And Friends Don’t Support Your Homeschooling, MamaMary writes about the story of her journey and the things that led her to homeschool at Home School Online.

Brenda shares some Ideas from her schoolroom, the 2nd edition, on her blog The Tie That Binds Us. She has some good homeschooling tips.

Joy gives 4 Easy Steps to Help You Fail at Homeschooling, and then explains how to succeed. (From the Five J’s)

In School Schedule – 2010, Julee shares where they are in their education journey, from her blog the Abundant Harvest.


At the core homeschooling is about parenting. As parents we focus on the complete package. We want our children to learn academics, but also much more.

Michelle D Evans writes about the importance of Putting Kids to Work.

How would you answer? Success on Paper or Success in Life – Which Would You Choose? Some good thoughts about what we as parents should to be working towards, at Homeschooling For 3.

Carletta asks a provocative question: Would You Lay Down Your Life for Your Children? at her blog Successful Homeschooling.

Amy says living this life requires sacrifice and asks are you ready and willing? (At Raising Arrows)

High School issues

As our children get close to life after homeschooling, there are extra concerns. For example, we may be helping them get ready for college.

Do you have students in High School? Are you looking for help with their transcripts? Putting Together Your Highschool Transcripts has some suggestions, over at Homeschool Highschool.

Andrea quizzes us are we In a Rush to Graduate Your Kids from Homeschool? at Homeschool Blog.


Homeschooling has many, many challenges; however, it also has great rewards.

With an Educational Christmas Kat explains that it is fun to shop for Christmas gifts for the over-10 crowd as science and craft kits can double as both fun and educational. (From her blog No Fighting, No Biting!)

In Gingerzilla!!! Cristina shares the...unique gingerbread creation her kids made this year, at Home Spun Juggling.

Mrs. White explains how one of her daughter was The Breakfast Hostess, from The Legacy of Home.

Searching for a fun indoor activity for the kids this winter? Consider making and playing your own homemade board games! (From Craft Stew)

Do you have a budding illustrator? Beverly may be able to help you in Fun with Jenny B. Harris at Beverly’s Homeschooling Blog (About.com).


As homeschoolers we often make goals, especially at the start of a new year. As in so many other areas, homeschoolers have advice on how to set goals and what kinds of goals to set.

I was reminded of the line about eating an elephant one bite at a time with Rachel’s post The Gianormous Resolution. (From Minds in Bloom)

Elena shares A Homeschool mom’s new year’s list at My Domestic Church.


There are so many products, curriculums and tools available to homeschoolers. It is impossible to research them all. Homeschoolers often rely on reviews by others.

If The Shoe (Box) Does Not Fit is a review Sue Patrick's “Workbox System.” A former school teacher turned homeschooler writes about how the “Workbox System” changed, and didn’t change, her approach to homeschooling, at The Learning Curve.

I Want to Teach Forever has a review at You Can Count on the Sequence Numbers Board Game.

Misty reviews Five in a Row – The Early Reading Curriculum that doesn’t feel like school at all! at Homeschool Bytes.

Kathy reviews Catherine, Called Birdy at Homeschoolbuzz.com Reviews.

Amy shares a summary of the best chapter book read-alouds she did last year in Read Aloud Thursday–Best of 2009 with her 4 and 5 year old children, posted at Home Is the Word.

The Informed Parent writes about Captain Cook and Saurekraut.

DreamBox Learning has released a new Teacher Tool – Snap Blocks.

The Government

In walking away from the norm, homeschoolers are often viewed with suspicion. They often have to deal with hassles from the government.

Susan reports that one school administrator is attempting to use city daytime curfew ordinances to chase down Illinois homeschoolers at Corn and Oil.

Janine writes about A call to ban private schools, at our blog Why Homeschool.

Grandma Linda, aka Linda Dobson, has some More Eye-Opening Facts about Who Is Teaching Your Child in public schools, at her blog Parent at the Helm.

General thoughts and support

How to Get Homeschool Books in China has several tips for homeschoolers moving to China, from Jimmie’s Collage.

I’m sure this must have been an exciting moment. In Brand Loyalty Tracy wrote a post addressing the idea: “Does Susan Wise Bauer contradict herself?” And then Susan commented! (From Higher Education)

April has a tip for An Organized Homeschool: File Boxes, this is one of the ways Ambitious April gets a lot done.

An Alternative Education is a thoughtful reflection on unschooling, from The Expanding Life.

Heather has some suggestions on Home Renewal: Let eBay Freshen Your Décor, from her blog Professor Mom.

Barbara has classic good news, bad news. The bad news is Marva Collins had to close down her school. The good news is Marva plans to go online and help homeschoolers! (From Barbara Frank Online)

Carnival of Homeschooling

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Carnival of Homeschooling

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The Carnival looks great. I can't wait to read the post.

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Looking forward to reading all of these great blogs. Thanks for doing a great carnival.

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Happy Anniversary!

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Thanks for hosting the Carnival this week. You did a great job!

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This is a wonderful group of posts. Thanks for hosting. I have neglected this carnival since I started building the Carnival of Unschooled Life. It's nice to be back.

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I would be interested in hosting some time. I've contributed for years and I guess I'm ready to try something new. Please let me know if you can use me!

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Happy Anniversary! I first saw this carnival a few years ago but just stumbled upon it again recently.