Thursday, April 02, 2009

Space Access 2009 - Ian Kluft on Stratofox Aerospce Tracking Team

Ian Kluft is part of the Stratofox Aerospace Tracking and Recovery Team. Ian's group has experience with tracking rockets at Blackrock. Blackrock is a great place to launch rockets, you can launch all day, up to 100,000 feet. It is far enough away from civilizaton that cell phones don't work. They stay in touch via amateur radios.

Stratofox wants to be invited to all the cool rocket launches, and are willing to help.

Stratofox stands for stratosphere fox hunt. It can be harder than a fox hunt to find a lost rocket. Tally Ho!

It has been around 2002. Their first recovery was with Paragon. Stratofox helps track and recover rockets. Ian reviewed their history. They've recovered a rocket that climbed to 20 miles and drifted six miles away from the launch site. Later they recovered a rocket that went to 72 miles and landed 20 miles away from the launch site. They've recovered Stanford BioLaunch balloons.

He encouraged those in the audience to invite Stratofox to come help with launches.

Stratofox is looking for more members. They do training. Ian walked through the steps. A person starts off as an "invitee" and meets with a member. He listed some of the skills they like members to have. It is a volunteer group. They don't have much of a budget. Donations are tax deductable.

The full agenda

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