Friday, April 03, 2009

Space Access 2009 - Clark Lindsey, Dave Salt, Henry Spencer - Panel: World Space Programs & Projects

Clark Lindsey of HobbySpace will focus on World (New) Space Programs and Projects.

He started with those in Europe - UK. Virgin Galactic is the first he thought of. The next is StarChaser. Dave Salt had comments, but I had trouble hearing him. Reaction Engines has been a joint private / public business. Clark hasn't heard much recently about Bristol Space Plans. There's a couple more. Henry Spencer talked about how Surrey bid on making a satellite, had the lower bid, and delivered on time. Galileo was late and over budget.

There are also several companies and groups on the continent in Europe. Project Enterprise is out of Germany and Switzerland. The next one they talked about was ARCA Space. They are fairly active. Clark had Copenhagen Suborbitals on the list, and said we'd heard a presentation by them yesterday. It looks like Orbspace is on hold. Spaceport Sweden is focusing on space tourism. (There were a few other companies or groups listed.)

There are a couple companies in Asia. Spaceport Singapore got lots of press for awhile, but hasn't heard much about lately. Clark doesn't know of any active rocket companies in Australia. Rocket Lab is a rocket company in New Zealand. Clark knows of one new space company in China.

Russia has a few new space companies. They have put six space tourists in orbit. The Russian equavilent of NASA seems to reach out to space tourism now and then. There was a discussion about how outside the United States, Russia was the country most likely to be successful in space tourism. They have already developed the technology and the infrastructure.

There was a brief discussion about did Russia have the skill sets to build more rockets. The discussion evolved into has America last important skills?

Clark wondered why certain areas had new space programs. Some of the factors were did they have air infrastructure. Were the laws helpful. Did they have an entrepreneur culture?

The full agenda

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