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Carnival of Homeschool: Week 158 - The 3rd Anniversary

Where has all the time gone? Three years ago my wife and I launched the first Carnival of Homeschooling. The carnival keeps going strong. Every week we pick up new bloggers. There is a vast number of people who participate. We are also blessed to have several dozen people who take turns hosting the carnival.

The posts here are grouped by the subjects that people wrote about this week.

Carnival of Homeschooling


In Things Have Changed Alan reflects on how his reasons and motivations for homeschooling have changed over the last five years, on his blog Prose Politics and Piety.

With Unschoolers and Textbooks, Dawn wonders if she has gone over to the dark side, posted on Day by Day Discoveries.

Give aways

Lady Jess, a young homeschooled student, shares an Interview with Mrs. Ronneberg "Beauty of Braille" from the Growing In Grace Magazine. The post includes a book giveaway.

At A Pondering Heart Joycelyn has put together a big giveaway for homeschoolers with the Winter Bundle 2008-2009.


Lady Rachel, a young homeschooler, shares some of her 2009 goals in Homeschool Memoirs – Making a List… at her blog A City on a Hill.

Denise of Let’s Play Math! asks “Have you made a resolution to exercise your mental muscles this year? If so, then please join us for the 2009 Mathematics Game.”

It is important to plan when you want to get a lot done. Lionden Landing shares their Themes and plans for January.

Miss Amanda, a homeschool graduate, reflects on her 2008 goals, and shares some of her 2009 goals in Homeschool Memoirs – Making a List… at her blog The Daily Planet.

Rachel Starr Thomson, homeschool graduate and author, talks about setting yearly, weekly, and daily goals for the new year in Goal Setting: The Plans.


Carletta in Public School Sports – Can Homeschoolers Have Their Cake and Eat It, Too? asks “Could widespread participation in public school activities jeopardize homeschool freedom?” on her blog Successful Homeschooling.

At Eclectic Education, Lynn warns about a New Law which Could Affect Parents in the United States.

Mary (The Informed Parent) has some thoughts about the number of homeschoolers in Statistically Speaking – Homeschool Enrollment.

Joanne Jacobs has breaking news, the UK will no longer have schools, they’ll have ‘Places for learning.’ Maybe we’re no longer “homeschoolers.” How about “homes places for learning?” It doesn’t have the same ring.

Help for homeschoolers

Elena of My Domestic Church gives A Pep Talk for Homeschool Moms who may be starting out, or need a little extra encouragement.

CHATS WITH AN “OLD LADY” has great insight into the importance of building a support network in I’VE HAD IT!

In Another Milestone, a homeschool mom fondly looks back on homeschooling her third child, who will graduate this spring, on her blog Barbara Frank Online.

Homeschool co-ops can be a great addition to your homeschool efforts, but too much of even a good thing can become overwhelming. Carol Topp has some tips on how to be A happy co-op member at HomeschoolCPA’s Blog.

Janice explains how using the SWOT Analysis for Homeschools can help improve your year, at Taking Time for Things That Matter.

Older Kids - Less is More reminds us that it may be best for our children not to throw lots of instructional materials, from the HEM Takes a Closer Look blog at the Home Education Magazine.

Sprittibee writes about their First Day of the Rest of My School Year. It was a challenging day.


Laureen is surprised to learn that All I Needed to Know About P.E. I Learned from Jackie Chan, at The Life Without School Community Blog.

Non-Traditional Learning: In Other Words, Homeschooling! Reviews many of the ways children learn, at Walking Therein.

In Racing Through Life Sisterlisa writes about lessons learned homeschooling a son while building a racetrack, at The HomeSpun Life.

Amy shares us information about Improving Visual Perception and Memory Skills on her blog Kids Love Learning.

Lesson Plans

Kerry, A Ten O’Clock Scholar, shares her Classical Conversation Cycle 3 lesson plans for History and Science.

In Lesson Plans Beckon, Renae ponders about the importance of preparing for lessons on her blog Life Nuruturing Education.

Cindy created a Westward Expansion Unit Plan at Our Journey Westward.

From Delighting in His Richness is a unit study on Hawaii in New year, new study.


Alasandra points out the huge bias in Daily News puts homeschooling in the headline, at Alasandra’s Homeschool Blog.

With 52 Teachers, 52 Lessons Project Mr. D is asking homeschoolers to send him advice on teaching, at I Want to Teach Forever.

Grace announces Every Good Book, a web service her father has created, at her blog Sing me to Heaven.

Jerri Ann in School… worries about homeschooling when she is still struggling with potty training her four-year-old, at Mom Is Teaching.

Kathy reviews The Distant Shore, an inspirational adventure novel for your young adults at HomeschoolBuzz Reviews.


We all need to be frugal, especially in the current economy. Destroy Debt has 20 Inexpensive Ways to Entertain Your Kids In The Winter.

It is important to start teaching children about money when they are young. NerdMom has a review in KidsWealth Money Kit on her blog Nerd Family Things.

The Other Stuff

The Family Revised reminds us that homeschooling allows us time to do more than just academics, time to do The Other Stuff.

Home Spun Juggling reminds us that astronomy looks better in the sky than in a book in Home Spun comic strip #300.

Brainiacs - Finger Knitting has a video of homeschooled children showing how to finger knit, at welcome to my brain . net.

Shannon explains why winter is one of her favorite seasons for nature study in Winter Nature Fun! at her blog Song of My Heart.


Educational Insights From the Academy On Everest has some thoughts about the importance of Play.

Kris has some ideas on how to collect and use bottle caps for More Preschool Manipulative at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

Special Needs

Homeschooling is such a wonderful solution for so many issues. Mrs. Brown writes about Celebrating Special Needs: Education on the Autism Spectrum at the Growing In Grace Magazine.

Mrs. C has some tips on How to Do Workboxes for your autistic child or preschooler from Homeschool and Etc.


Lisa writes about her plans to develop a love for poetry in her children with Monday’s a Comin’ at the House of Many Blessings.

Heather writes about the importance of starting young to train children to help with chores in Toddlers and Housework - Part of the Action at her blog Mother By Nature.

Kat shares her thoughts on just how much “school” children need in back to school today at No Fighting, No Biting! (I love the name of her blog.)

Teaching Test Taking Skills Doesn’t Mean You Are Teaching to the Test has some ideas on how to teach test taking skills, at YourTeacherLinks.com.

Unexpected learning

Sometimes math happens when you aren't expecting it. Christine writes about Bathtime Algebra at Our Curious Home.

ChristineMM at The Thinking Mother talks about the books that her sons are enjoying reading in Older Son Loves Benedict Society and Other Juvenile Literature Book Thoughts.

Tiffany writes about one of those times when "schooling" creeps up on you... in Family Portraits 1598, er, 2008 at Life on the Road.

Why people homeschool

Jess shares in Why We will homeschool in 2009 at Life Learning Leonards.

With Two Peas at Opposite Ends of the Same Pod, Sally tells what she is grateful that homeschooling allows her to treat each child different, at Diamonds in the Rough.

With yet another reason to homeschool, Dr. Helen reports the double standards of schools.

Jennifer explains why they homeschool in Tree of Life at Tree of Life Homeschool.

Our humble entry for this carnival is One of the reasons many turn to homeschooling.

Carnival of Homeschooling

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We thank everyone who has helped out. Thank you to all the participants in this carnival. And thanks to all those who help promote the Carnival of Homeschooling.

Carnival of Homeschooling

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Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

I am honored to be the first to comment. Happy 3rd Anniversary and Congratulations on a great Carnival. I am looking forward to reading all the post.

Anonymous said...

Wow! It's hard to believe the Carnival has been going three years. Great job, and here's looking forward to many, many more!

Anonymous said...

What a terrific carnival! Three years is a good run, and I wish you many more years of growth.

Sprittibee said...

Wow. What a great group of homeschool blogging links! Thanks so much for all you do, Cates! We love you.

PS The HSBA tweeted about your carnival today!

Tiffany @ As For My House said...

Another great year... another great carnival! Thank you again for all the great work you do.

Miss Rachel said...

Hello there Mr. Cate -
I posted about the Carnival at my blog -

I will go and post about it on my other two blogs too. :)

I am very glad you included me in the Carnival. This is actually the first time I have been in this Carnival. I will try to remember to put something in for next week.

Hope you have a blessed and wonderful day.
Lady Rachel Dixon

Anonymous said...

This sounds like an awesome idea! I am doing a quick read tonight but will be back tomorrow to go over it more thoroughly. I am a veteran homeschooler and love discovering things I missed over the years! Thanks for all the links

Grit said...

hi henry! this is a great resource, thank you!

Anonymous said...

I just found you and I'm heading out for an appt. :( I want to look at all the links you have shared so I'll be back to view them. I enjoy what you have shared