Thursday, March 06, 2008

Vote for favorite MEDIUM size image for the Carnival of Homeschooling

We are now in phase two of the contest for images to represent the Carnival of Homeschooling. Below are the finalists for the medium size. Please carefully and thoughtfully consider study the images. You might consider the following when reviewing the images:

1) Which image do you think best represents the Carnival of Homeschooling?
2) Which image do you find the most appealing?
3) Which image do you like the best?

If you think of other considerations, please add them in the comments.

After viewing the images, then please vote at the end of this post.

Image A:

Image B:

Image C:

Image D:

Image E:

Update I - 10 March 08
Note: The contest will end on the 27th of March.
Please encourage your readers to come vote.

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piscesgrrl said...

I'm realizing I very much prefer the larger images. I wish i could enlarge these so I could see the details better. And going completely against my last comment (on the larger images), I chose C - of a girl reading! I love the colors and it looks very peaceful. And she's outside, which I love. (She is, right? See, I can't see the details!)

Anonymous said...

I too picked Image C-the girl is outside, happily engrossed in a book with the sun shining on her and the grass underneath her.

Showing that learning does not only happen inside!

ChristineMM said...

I voted. One of my criteria was the right wording. This is the Carnival of Homeschooling. I was disappointed that not all the graphics had the right name on it. Maybe I am being too literal?

Love the girl reading outdoors but it did not say "Carnival of Homeschooling" and I was looking for that wording.

Unknown said...

I agree with others. They are way too small. I can barely make them out at all. And the wording is not "precise" enough. But I think the girl outdoors is precious. That's the one I voted for. :-)

(Again, I didn't understand that I should click on Take Our Poll to vote. Directions are not clear.)

Anonymous said...

I agree with ChristineMM. I like the icons, but I am disappointed that the correct name of the carnival is not on all of the selections. Really, the top two are the only ones that qualify as representing the Carnival of Homeschooling.
Too bad.

Anonymous said...

I like the top one best, but I didn't vote for it because COH won't mean much to some.

I chose D because the ones with kids were cute, but seemed to suggest that homeschoolers are all 8 and under!

Many thanks to those who worked hard to contribute! said...

Image "D" totally rocks!


Btw, nice blog.

Kristin said...

"D" represents the "carnival" aspect, but "C" represents the "homeschooling" part which better defines this particular carnival, IMO.

Kim Anderson said...

Hello after a long absence! I really liked the visual impact of A, but COH doesn't cut it as communicating "Carnival of Homeschooling" I chose B because, although it isn't the button with the most graphic impact (I think A & D take the cake there), it gives us what we need to quickly assess what the button is supposed to advertise.