Thursday, March 27, 2008

Space Access 2008 - The Agenda

Here is the agenda for Space Access 2008:

overall schedule:
- Thursday March 27th, sessions 2 pm - ~10 pm
- Friday March 28th, sessions 9 am - ~10 pm
- Saturday March 29th, sessions 9 am - 6 pm (Hospitality - till late)

Thursday March 27th

1 pm - Registration and Hospitality open (we may have them open as
early as noon, depending on how setup goes, but no guarantees.)

1:50 Henry Vanderbilt says Welcome, and shares a thought or two

2 pm Henry Spencer, on The Road Not Traveled, or, How To Return To
The Moon (And How Not To)

3 pm Vincent Cate and Henry Cate Jr., on Fully Reusable Lunar Transport

3:30 break

4 pm Gerry Nordley, Brief Updates on Tethers Unlimited and the CONTACT Conference

4:40 Stratofox Aerospace Tracking Team/Ian Kluft

4:50 Jess Sponable, on The History And Future Of Spaceplanes

5:40 XLSpace/Michael Carden, on Hydrogen Peroxide Benefits to the Commercial Space Industry

6 pm break for dinner

8 pm Panel: Paths to Rocket Piloting, with Erik Anderson, Ian Kluft, Mark Street

8:40 Leik Myrabo, on Beamed Energy Propulsion Prospects And Projects

9:30 Timothy Bendel: The Angel Company (a proposed Frontier Astronautics spinoff)

9:50 Joe Carroll, on Challenges of Commercial Manned Orbital Space

late - Hospitality closes

Friday March 28th

8 am - Registration and Hospitality open

9 am Space Studies Institute/Lee Valentine

9:10 Charles Miller/SPC Inc for Air Force Research Lab, on the FAST and RASTE Projects and AFRL Commercial Partnerships

9:50 FAA AST/Michelle Murray and Sherman Council

10:30 break

11 am Unreasonable Rocket/Paul Breed

11:30 XCOR Aerospace/Dan DeLong

12:30 break for lunch

2:00 Jordin Kare, on Recent Laser-Launch Technology Readiness Progress

2:30 Armadillo Aerospace/John Carmack

3:30 break

4:00 Ken Davidian/NASA ESMD Commercial Development

4:50 Masten Space/Dave Masten

5:30 Jordin Kare, on Recent Laser-Launch Technology Readiness Progress

6:00 Charles Miller - Space Frontier Foundation

6 pm break for dinner

8 pm Space Propellant Depots Panel with Jon Goff, Dallas Bienhoff, Frank Zegler, and Rand Simberg

9:30 Jordin Kare, on LaserMotive, a Laser-Launch Startup Company

10 pm Robin Snelson, on Frontier Spaceport in Second Life - should it live or die?

late - Hospitality closes

Saturday March 29th
9 am Rocketplane Global/Chuck Lauer

10:10 break

10:40 Flometrics/Steve Harrington

11:20 Ken Davidian/NASA ESMD Commercial Development

12:10 break for lunch

2 pm Berin Szoka (via web) on ITAR: Recent Progress, followed by panel discussion

2:50 Frank White (via web), on The Overview Effect/Overview Institute

3:30 break

4 pm Panel Discussion on Non-US Perspectives & Prospects, with Jeff Foust, Clark Lindsay, Dave Salt, Henry Spencer

4:50 Misuzu Onuki, Japan Update

5:10 Wrapup Panel, with Various Luminaries telling us What It All Means

6 pm that's all for this year

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