Thursday, March 22, 2007

Space Access ‘07 - Introduction

I will be blogging from Space Access ‘07. I believe these bloggers will also be blogging fairly regularly:

Rand Simberg: Transterrestrial Musings who is off to a late start
Jeff Foust: I'm not sure if he'll be blogging from Space Politics or The Space Review
Jonathon Goff: Selenian Boondocks
Clark Lindsey: HobbySpace

As I learn of more bloggers I'll update the list above.

There are several different space conferences in the United States. NASA has around four a year. The other space conferences are private organizations.

The Space Frontier Foundation meets three times a year. The Space Frontier Foundation is having NewSpace 2007 in Washington DC.

The Mars Society meets once a year, at different places. In the past they have meet at Boulder, Boston, and other locations. Their goal is: "To further the goal of the exploration and settlement of the Red Planet." Their next convention will be held in Los Angeles at the end of August this year.

Space Access meets once a year in Phoenix. Space Access is my father’s favorite space Conference. (It probably helps that my father and brother presented at Space Access 2005.)

My brother explains the focus of Space Access as “There are lots of people thinking about getting into space. There are lots of people who talk about getting into space. Space Access is run by people who are doing the work.” It is attended by entrepreneurs and people looking for practical steps to moving into space.

Space Access was started up fifteen years ago by Henry Vanderbilt.

Next - the agenda

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