Thursday, March 22, 2007

Space Access ‘07 - The agenda

Below is the schedule for Space Access from here. (I've updated the schedule to reflect what happened.) The Best Western Grace Inn only has wireless in the front lobby. My plan is to write up summaries of the presentations, long with my thoughts, and then post during the breaks. We'll see how it goes.

overall schedule:
- Thursday March 22nd, sessions 2 pm - ~10 pm
- Friday March 23rd, sessions 9 am - ~10 pm
- Saturday March 24th, sessions 9 am - ~ 6 pm (Hospitality - till late)

Thursday March 22nd
1 pm - Registration and Hospitality open (we may have them open as
early as noon, depending on how setup goes, but no guarantees.)
1:50 Henry Vanderbilt, Welcome, and a few thoughts
2 pm Barbara Thompson, Space Weather
2:30 Gerry Nordley, Artificial Magnetospheres
3:00 Charles Miller, AFRL RLV X-Demonstrator Plans
3:30 break
4 pm Steve Cook, NASA Ares Booster Development
4:50 Nicole Jordan, Will Pomerantz: X-Prize Cup Operations & LLC Rules
5:20 Panel, X-Prize Cup Operations - Russell Blink, Randall Clague,
Nicole Jordan, Dave Masten, Will Pomerantz
6 pm break for dinner
(I covered all of Thursday evening in one post.)
8:20 Ken Davidian, NASA Centennial Challenges - "Orbital Prizes:
Comments on an ARocket List Discussion"
9 pm Lee Valentine, Space Studies Institute
9:15 Doug Griffith, Space Law
9:30 Bob Steinke/SpeedUp, LLC entrant
9:45 Rick Wills, University of Dayton Advanced Rocket Team
late - Hospitality closes

Friday March 23rd
8 am - Registration and Hospitality open
9 am Rocketplane Kistler
9:40 Andrews Space & Technology
10:20 break
10:50 Charles Miller, DoD support for ACESA (the Advisory Council on
Entrepreneurial Space Access)
11:20 am Kerry Scarlott, ITAR
11:50 Panel, ITAR - Randall Clague, Jim Muncy, Kerry Scarlott, more
12:30 break for lunch
2 pm Michelle Murray, FAA AST
2:40 Panel, RLV Flight Insurance - Kelly Alton, James Dunstan,
Doug Griffith, Ralph Harp
3:30 break
4 pm Jim Muncy, PoliSpace
4:40 Armadillo Aerospace
5:30 Tim Bendel, Frontier Astronautics
6 pm break for dinner
8:20 Jerry Pournelle
9:10 Andrew Tubbiolo, Old Pueblo Instruments
9:30 Misuzu Onuki
9:45 Kevin Sagis, Paragon Labs, LLC entrant
late - Hospitality closes

Saturday March 24th
9 am Bill Boland, Teachers In Space
9:20 Sam Dinkin, SpaceShot
9:40 Jeff Greason, XCOR Aerospace
10:20 break
11 am Ken Davidian, "NASA ESMD's Approach to NewSpace"
11:40 Masten Space
12:30 break for lunch
2 pm Leik Myrabo, Lightcraft Progress
2:40 Panel, The New Space Investment Climate - Esther Dyson,
Stephen Fleming, Joe Pistritto
3:30 break
4:45 Rick Tumlinson, Space Frontier Foundation
5 pm Paul Breed, Unreasonable Rocket
5:15 Dave Ketchledge, The Next Shuttle
5:30 Alex Bruccoleri
4 pm Panel, How Are We Doing? - Jeff Foust, Jon Goff, Rand Simberg,
Henry Vanderbilt
late - Hospitality closes - see you next time!

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