Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Carnival of Kid Comedy, week 29

Welcome to this week's Carnival of Kid Comedy. It is our pleasure to bring you a number of entertaining posts about the funny things children say and do. Without any further ado, on with the show.

Funny things children say:

Kim has been busy with a film festival, so she submitted one of Melissa Wiley's posts: Sometimes It's Hard to Make a Positive ID at Here in the Bonny Glen. Melissa's daughter saw something. It was brown, but what was it?

Bruggie Tales tells us the result of children watching Star Trek at a young age in Clingon Assault.

From Trinity Prep School is a delightful picture with the perfect caption: Mommy, Look....We Found Kitties!

Parah tells us about her son's first brush with logic and cattle in Logical Cattle.

At Stand Up For Kids In Mississippi is the account of a son and driving in Comic Relief: The Demon Car.

From Contentment Acres a mother admits she had trouble understanding what Caelb meant when he said he didn't like Poe-Key-Toes.

While Holding It Down a mother asks You Bit a What? Active imaginations are often a source of trouble.

Just Call Me Jamin! tells about a 12 year old son explaing the value of candy in The Glorius Night of Candy Giving.

From the High Desert Hi-Jinks is Fuel for Thought. I'm amazed that children can come up with responses like this so quickly.

Karen Edmisten found out why Romona was awake in Why we were up as early as we were.

Funny things children do:

This is one of those times when at the moment it may have been stressful, but later it is easy to look back and laugh. At Questions for the Wise Rebeca tells us of her son who dialed 911 on the microwave in Carried on the Wind.

At Our Seven Qtpies we read that a young girl recognizes a plus of going to the hospital in Never boring in a home with kids!

In Musings from the Mahan School for Little Women is a video of a girl and Spaghetti. This girl will be forever typecasted as a comedian.

From Echoes of Cold Moon Zen Kitty shares More on "The Older Women Are On The Prowl" as she writes about her daughter being courted at five.

David writes about His Youngest at Working it out. It would have been fun to have seen the panda.

From Flock of Sllies, Silly Old Mom writes about her daughter and a book catalog in Kid, Meet Candy Store.

The Thinking Mother writes about Playing In a Cloud. There are times when life has a bit of magic.

At Lil Duck Duck a mother exclains The Things I do for this child. All that work to see Clifford the Big Red Dog, and what does he end up doing?

And finally we humbly submit our post in Here Comes the Bride as Janine tells two of the classic stories from our family.

We hope you have enjoyed this week's Carnival of Kid Comedy. Please tell your friends. If you would like to submit an entry for next week's carnival, go here, or you can send email to: Carnival.KidComedy at gmail dot com.

Update I: The Carnival of Kid Comedy will be held next week at Life in a shoe.

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Thank you for including me in your carnival. I enjoy reading your blog.

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