Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Carnival of Kid Comedy, week 14

About six months ago we took the plunge. We organized the Carnival of Homeschooling and have hosted it a number of times. Now for the first time we are hosting another carnival, the Carnival of Kid Comedy. Below are this week's submissions.

Kim, of Life in a Shoe, is the organizer for the Carnival of Kid Comedy. The focus is on the funny things children say and do. You can find the archive of past carnivals here.

Without any further ado, we'll start the carnival:


Karen Edmisten reports on her daughter's amazing ability to find Greenland. (As a bonus, check out her daughter's observation about being tiny.) Over at A Helper Suitable, Jennifer struggles to help her daughter understand the difference between New Hamster and New Hampshire.


Food is a big part of our life. Children often have misconceptions about food. Jennie, of Far Beyond Pearls, reports back to us that her son has decided that to be the man of the house he has to eat his beans. At The Common Room, the Headmistress shares some of the first words her very polite (only) son learned to say.

At Bruggie Tales Ariel reports on the problems of protecting her sweets from her sisters. Janine, of Why Homeschool, shares a problem of keeping sweets from her daughters.

Short posts - 1, 2, 3

Often it only takes a few words to share a funny experience. Kaitlyn, one of Seven Silly Southern Sisters, recounts her sister's answer to their father. Kim, of Life in a Shoe, shares two funny episodes. At Island's Life are three short funnies.

The rest of the stories

At Nerd Family, Nerd Mom posts about Nerd Pie. The Queen of All Evil shares a story of her son's quick wit, which lead to his avoiding a punishment.

Some funny events become classics and get talked about for years. At Principled Discovery, Dana writes about how she would tease her little brother. At Patricia Ann's Pollywog Creek Porch is an event Patricia's family has remembered over many years.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this week's Carnival of Kid Comedy. Thanks to all those whohave helped, and especially those who participated.

Here are some helpful links:
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Hanley Family said...

Wow! I'm a classic! I enjoyed the carnival...thanks for putting it together this week!

Kim C. said...

Thanks - great job, esp. coming right off the cruise ship!

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Great job! Thanks for hosting it this week.
Small note- he's not 'one of my polite sons,' he's my only polite son. Coz he's the only boy.=)

Karen Edmisten said...

Thanks so much -- great job on this carnival. Many smiles to be had here!

Henry Cate said...

Everyone, thanks for the kind words.

Headmistress, I've updated the Carnival. Thanks for clarifying.