Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Thinking Mother shares some thoughts from a Raymond Moore Speech

Christine, of The Thinking Mother, posted Thoughts on a Great Raymond Moore Speech About Children, Learning, Education, Homeschooling and Genius Formation. She links to a speech Raymond Moore gave at The Congress of Families II in 1999 in Geneva. She quotes some of the speech and comments on some of his points.

One of the points she focuses on in his speech is how public schools are harmful for the nuturing children who have the potential to become geniuses. The Smithsonian Institution's Journal, Horizon, published a list of three factors that help children become geniuses: 1) warm, responsive parents, 2) isolation from peers, 3) the freedom to explore their own interests. This pretty much nails exactly some of what homeschooling provides.

Christine's post is mostly about the problems with pushing children into an academic setting too early. If you've thought preschool was a good thing, check out her post.

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ChristineMM said...

Glad you enjoyed the post.

I felt that Moore did such a great overview of the pro's of homeschooling and some con's of public schooling or schooling in general that I didn't need to rehash what he already stated so eloquently. I loved the entire speech.

Readers are linking through to read my post based on this entry.