Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Links to interesting postings - 23 May 2006

It looks like I may have to start checking out edspresso on a regular basis. The blog is well layed out, and has interesting posts. And both Spunky and Daryl have participated. Daryl wrote I Homeschool and I Don’t Vote Republican. Spunky wrote Teach to Whose Test?

At Patricia Ann's Pollywog Creek Porch is an account of two men from Saudia Arabia who tried to get on a school bus. It doesn't appear that anyone knows exactly what these two men were trying to do. After 9/11 and the current war on terror, we have heighten concern about unusual events like these. As homeschoolers our children are not being exposed to the dangers in public schools, from bullies, from predator teachers, and from terrorists.

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Bethie Jay said...

I'm sorry I just have to take a moment to laguh.
I myself am a home schooler and agree entirelu it is the way to go, but home schooling so you are less of a target to terrorists???
That gets the prize for the most absuard reason to home school.
I guess any reason to get children out of that brain damaging place is good, but I'm sure there are better reasons.



Henry Cate said...

I don't see terrorism as a reason to homeschool. I expect the chances of a child being in another Columbine are around the same chances of being struck by lightening.

Fundamentally homeschooling provides an environment where children can have a better education. Not being exposed to possible terrorists is just ice on the cake.

Hanley Family said...

funny thing is, physical safety ranks high on the list of why people choose to homeschool according to the US Department of Education statistics. I never would have guessed it. But I could see how many parents who never considered homeschooling might run into a situation of bullying against their child, be unsatisfied with the school's response and choose to pull their child.

Henry Cate said...

I do think there are valid saftey reasons to avoid public schools. As opposed to worrying about terrorists.

Dana is right, in some situations it is reasonable for parents to pull their children out of public schools due to concerns about saftey.