Monday, January 16, 2006

The Carnival of Homeschooling: week 3

Homeschooling from A to Z:

A is for Advice

Homeschoolers love to give advice. Barbara Frank, The Imperfect Homeschooler, has a list of Top Ten Tools for Homeschooling Parents. Headmistress, at The Common Room, shares how to study nature in your home. Angela Snodgrass, an Aspiring Proverbs 31 Woman, writes about finding the natural rhythm of homeschooling.

B is for Books

Many homeschoolers seem to spend almost as much time at the library as at home. At Nose in a book, a mother shares the joy of reading to her daughters. At A teacher is simply a student with unlimited chalkboard privileges we find a fun quote about books.

C is for College

Metapundit, a homeschooled student now at college, muses about his thoughts on if he will homeschool his children. Melissa Morgan, at An Eagle's Nest, says homeschooling is also great at the college level.

D is for Disposition

Daniel MacIntyre, at Key Words, says it is a good thing homeschoolers don't need a "Professional Disposition."

E is for Entertainment

Homeschooling doesn't have to be boring. If done right, our children can learn a lot while they are entertained. At Mental Multivitamin are some great ways for injecting fun into your children's learning days. PalmTree Pundit shares her experience of her children dissecting a worm. And Joanne, at A Day in Our Lives, writes about her children creating a time capsule.

F is for Family

Homeschooling is great for strengthening the family. At the Farm School are some thoughts about family, independence and freedom. Bruggie Tales share some of their innovative ides their family has come up with.

G is for Goof

Oops, I missed this one. I really do know the alphabet.

H is for How to Homeschool

Getting started can be hard. Homeschool bloggers are ready to share their how-to tips. On Tami's Blog are some ideas for multi-level teaching. Jerz's Literacy Weblog says there is value in letting your child play computer games. Beverly Hernandez, of About Homeschooling, has advice on how to recognize good advice. At the Trivium Pursuit Online Blog is a nice list of books about history, chronology and the Bible.

I is for Intellectual Dynamo

Some parents homeschool because their children are gifted or have special needs. Mislabeled Child has advice for homeschooling a Fiercely Independent Learner.

J is for Joke

We all need a bit of humor in our life. At Home Education & Other Stuff Daryl Cobranchi shares his reason for homeschooling.

K is for Kids

Homeschooling is all about the kids. Better Left Unsaid shares how homeschooling was perfect for foster care and adopted kids.

L is for Lessons Learned

Homeschooling provides a wonderful environment for both parents and children to learn. Mama Squirrel at Dewy's Treehouse writes about why they homeschool and what she has learned. At Geronimo! Allison Tannery writes about raising an extremely active and passionate child, with an insatiable appetite for information. At Family School a mother wonders about the lessons she learned in taking her children ice skating.

M is for Math

Historically education was about reading, writing, and arithmetic. Homeschool Math Blog reviews the history of Euclid and Geometry, and how Euclid's geometry is the basis for high school geometry courses today. Rivendell, WIS compares US math textbooks to foreign texts, and finds the US texts don't measure up.

N is for New Beginnings

One of the nice things about homeschooling is how easy it is start over or try something new. At Janne's Jabberwocky, Janne writes about how after ten years of homeschooling she has changed her focus.

O is for Ownership

Parents who choose to homeschool take ownership of their children's education. At Pollywog Creek Porch, Patricia shares how she learned to assume ownership and responsibility for my children's education and extracurricular activities.

P is for Problems with Public Schools

Some parents run to homeschooling for the benefits; others run away from public schools because of the problems. Joanne Jacobs writes about a teacher who assigned high school freshman to do research on internet porn. Chris Adamo says the recent Ninth Circuit Court decision affirms the obvious attitude schools have towards children.

Q is for Questions

One of the great things about homeschooling is the questions that come up. At Why Homeschool, my wife writes about an important question she asked one of our daughters.

R is for Reasons

People homeschool for a variety of reasons. At Julie's Jewls, Julie covers many reasons why she homeschools. At The Wellspring are some more reasons for homeschooling. Many Christians choose to homeschool for religious reasons; Welcome to the Fallout provides support for their choice. At Homeward Academy for Eclectic Learning are some more reasons for homeschooling.

S is for Socialization

Many people don't recognize the great socialization that comes from homeschooling. Kim Anderson, at Mother-Lode, uses a trip to a debate tournament to show how homeschoolers are often very socialized. Kimberly Swygert, at Number 2 Pencil, comments on why the NEA attacks homeschoolers over the socialization issue.

T is for Typical Day (or Week)

It can be greatly reassuring to a new homeschooler to read about a typical day of homeschooling. Sherry Early, at Semicolon, documents one of her typical days. At Relaxed Homeskool Kim admits that not every day goes as planned. In Musings from the Mahan School for Little Women, June mentions one of the great benefits of homeschooling, the things parents learn and relearn. Faith in Love gives a little higher perspective and talks about a typical week.

U is for Unschooling

Unschooling is an approach to homeschooling where the child makes decisions about what to learn. Doc's Sunrise Rants has a series about homeschooling which starts with advice on unschooling. Spunky, at SpunkyHomesSchool, shares the undeniable truths of an Un-Unschooler.

V is for Values

Homeschoolers value many aspects of homeschooling. In the Dad's Corner, Steve Walden values homeschooling because his children know him, and they follow his (good) behavior. School at Home in the Wildwood talks about why they homeschool.

W is for Why We Homeschool

There are dozens of reasons why parents choose to teach their children at home. Father, Principal, Husband and Seeker has many, many reasons he homeschools. Susannah Cox on Susie-Q&A talks about why and how she homeschools. Victoria Carrington's Journal revels that she finds homeschooling best for the growth as a family, and best for academics. Family-Handiwork has even more reasons to homeschool. At My little corner is the basic reason for many Christians.

X is for eXtra special

There are a lot of special people in our lives. Don't Marker the Cat! talks about one of their special friends.

Y is for Young Children

For many homeschooling is a way of life, not just from K-12. Young Homemaker writes about homeschooling her 3-year old.

Z is for Zzzzz

I need to get some sleep. It is after midnight.

So there you have it, the complete alphabet of homeschooling.


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