Wednesday, May 13, 2020

My daughter will not be returning to school this fall

We learned yesterday that the university my youngest daughter has been at the last two years will not be having students on campus this fall.  The whole world is still in flux and I think there is a good chance things will change at least once in the next couple months, and maybe a couple times.

There are a number of movements or changes in our society which seem kind of sudden, but in looking back you can see hints leading up to the change.  Little changes keep adding up until there is a tipping point and BOOM!!!  Then the world shifts and life is different.

Post-pandemic, four-year colleges need to change — or face extinction talks about this. The article points out that because of the Coronavirus lots of parents and students are asking these questions:
Students and their families are asking tough questions. Should we pay full tuition for classes taught online? On the other hand, are crowded lecture halls really the best way to learn? And what is that degree really worth, anyway?
For now we'll hang loose and look at options.

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