Tuesday, November 19, 2019

I am so glad we were able to homeschool - Educational Earthquake

Barbara Kay starts Educational Earthquake: ‘Disappearing’ the Great Writers From Schools with:

The Greater Essex County District School Board in the Windsor, Ont., area is supplanting its grade 11 literature curriculum, which up to now has featured great writers of the western canon such as Shakespeare and George Orwell, with a year-long program of Indigenous writers. The change has already been effected in eight of the district’s 15 schools.
In the Peel district as well, I am informed by a reader, the same transformation is in progress. It would be naïve to assume that these schools will remain anomalies for long. The “disappearing” of dead white European male writers, however magnificent their achievements, may well be normalized across Canada before long.
It is hard to overstate the alarming implications of this educational earthquake. Deliberately withholding Shakespeare from young minds is a form of aesthetic starvation, but depriving them of Orwell is a moral crime. It is from Orwell’s “Animal Farm” that young minds first grasp the nature of totalitarian evil, whether it arises from the left or the right, and understand the preciousness of their freedoms. 

Hat tip: Instapundit

I am so glad we were and are able to homeschool our children.

The Great Writers of past generations were great for a variety of reasons.  Fundamentally they helped us to understand and see the world better.

Not having the great books taught in school will only diminish our children.

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