Saturday, April 28, 2018

Looks like California AB 2756 was defeated

Homeschool Lessons in Civics: How To Kill a Bill reports:

Nearly 1,000 people spoke in opposition. They were homeschool children, mothers and fathers from all corners of state, including Fresno. All they were allowed to say was their name, affiliation and view on the bill. Some kids told the committee they “suppose” the bill, meaning they opposed it.

I like the last line in this article Homeschool Supporters Crush Plans for Greater Oversight:

In the end, the bill died. None of the committee members even called for a vote.

There is no problem with homeschooling in California.  As Committee member Kevin Kiley the Turpin case was an outlier.  It is bad policy to create new laws to address a one time event.

I'm glad the bill was soundly defeated. 

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