Monday, July 29, 2013

Homeschooling and the job market

As parents we are trying to raise our children to be hard workers, to be kind and to be competent.  We want them to know and love God.  We love homeschooling because it allows us to focus on the whole process and not separate out academics as one of the most important items in the world.

Many parents are happy public schools have a focus on academics so their children will be able to get good jobs, with the end being a good career.  We don’t see a well-paying job as the ultimate goal.

Having said all that, I am happy that our oldest daughter seems to be off to a good step in the adult world of the job market.  For the last couple years our oldest has been able to make good money babysitting, often $100 in a week.  She has pretty simple tastes and hasn't felt a need find full time employment.

This summer she decided to look for a full time job.  She had a hard time at first.  I was pleased that she kept looking after applying at a couple dozen places.  Early in July she finally had success with a temp agency.  She got a job to help out with a college bookstore.

She has enjoyed the job and the managers seem happy with her.  They have kept her around while it sounds like they have let a few others go.

Homeschooling doesn't seem to limit children in the adult job market!!!