Monday, June 06, 2011

New CA law demands that students receive gender 'diversity training'

I find this scary: Parents defenseless against gender 'diversity training':

Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), says it is difficult to imagine the liberal indoctrination endured by elementary students.

"No child in kindergarten should be introduced to the question of whether or not they really are a boy or really are a girl," he contends. "That has no place in public schools, and these schools are engaging in an area that without question results in children having problems that they likely would not have had otherwise."

He questions the legitimacy of the topic. Meanwhile, legal counsel is being offered to parents who oppose gender-diversity lessons.

"Legally, there is no right under California law for parents to opt out from this kind of outrageous pro-transgender indoctrination," Dacus laments. "Nonetheless though, as legal counsel, we are giving them advice as to how to protect their children."

I am so glad we homeschool.

Hat tip: Education Watch International


Fatcat said...

I think the public schools need to stick to the basics and let the families teach the rest. I'm glad we homeschool too, although I don't know if something like that would pass here in Kentucky.

Henry Cate said...

It is amazing to me that so many in the public seem to think things like this is OK.