Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What do little girls learn when they are dressed like sex objects

I like LZ Grandersen's plead: Parents, don't dress your girls like tramps.  His column starts:

I saw someone at the airport the other day who really caught my eye.

Her beautiful, long blond hair was braided back a la Bo Derek in the movie "10" (or for the younger set, Christina Aguilera during her "Xtina" phase). Her lips were pink and shiny from the gloss, and her earrings dangled playfully from her lobes.

You can tell she had been vacationing somewhere warm, because you could see her deep tan around her midriff thanks to the halter top and the tight sweatpants that rested just a little low on her waist. The icing on the cake? The word "Juicy" was written on her backside.

Yeah, that 8-year-old girl was something to see alright. ... I hope her parents are proud. Their daughter was the sexiest girl in the terminal, and she's not even in middle school yet.

He goes on to ask parents not to buy clothese that turn their daughters into sex objects.

And I agree.  The lesons little girls learn when they are given push-up bras at seven are not good lessons.  It is hard enough for a young woman in our society have have a healthy sense of who she is really.  Parents should not be tell their daughters at ages six and eight that all that really matters is who sexually attractive they are to men.

Hat tip: Tiffany via Facebook.


Sandy said...

I never let my 6yo wear anything that I wouldn't want her wearing as a 16yo... so no bikinis, mini skirts, shorty dresses, etc. Even so, now that she's a teen, it's been a challenge to help her learn to dress modestly when all the trends are immodest, especially because she is attractive and looks older than she is. She sees "cute" and we see "looks like a hooker!" Once, my husband took her to the mall, where they sat at Starbucks and watched how the men ogled all the skimpily-clad girls that walked by. I think it was eye-opening for her, but we still have to help her make good decisions.

Henry Cate said...

That is a great rule.

Your daughter might enjoy checking out eShakti. Our oldest daughter went to her first prom a couple weeks ago and got a beautiful dress from this site. And it was modest.