Monday, June 14, 2010

Do you have children who will be entering the workforce soon?

My mother sent our family a link to Fortune's 100 Best Companies to work for in 2010.

She made the point that too often students graduate from high school, and even college without a real understanding of the huge variety of jobs in the workforce. She added a note just for me:

"Henry, perhaps you could post this site on your homeschooling blog along with other sites that might help children being homeschooled get a vision of the variety of professions available for them to consider. Perhaps encouraging them to explore sites such as: would help them get some idea of what is available. They could check what kind of jobs they could get and how much they would be paid with different combinations of education and job experience. Use such sites like a video game to check out what your job future might be with a either a BS or a PhD in physics or other types of training."

If you have a child fifteen or older you might encourage them to start with the list of the 100 best companies so they have a better idea of just exactly what is out there.

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Caroline said...

While carrying out research my new blog, I found a great site which highlights Cool Math Careers:

When Will We Use Math

Henry Cate said...

Thanks for the link!