Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some people seem to be missing the Christmas spirit

I took the car in for an oil change today. I've been going to a friend for twenty years. He runs his own shop. He said it would be fine for me to bring Baby Bop.

Baby Bop was fascinated. He watched as the oil was drained, and then later was excited to see as the new oil was poured in. When the mechanic checked the tires and added a bit of air to each one, I explained that like balloons, tires need air. It was a great hour for Baby Bop. He loves cars.

On the way home I was getting off a freeway when someone tried to cut in behind me. The car which was behind me wasn't having any of it. There was lots of honking and for a second or two I was worried that they would play chicken until there was accident. Finally the car that was trying to cut it backed off, with a couple hand gestures.

It is sad that in the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas some people seemed to have misplace the Christmas spirit.

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The Christmas Story said...

Everyone is in a hurry! For what and unfortunetly they do miss the point.

I am glad you both are ok it is scary to be in the middle of a situation like that.

Merry Christmas!