Friday, November 06, 2009

Yesterday was one of those days

My day started around 6 am with the patter of little feet. (Unfortunately, Baby Bop has not yet adjusted to the time change.) Baby Bop climbed in bed with me and I successful stalled him for 15 minutes before I had to get up. First I got Baby Bop dressed and then got dressed myself. Normally, I'm not so quick to get either of us dressed, but yesterday was Baby Bop's turn to go out for breakfast with Dad and Mom. By 7 am we were out the door on our way to IHOP.

We got back to the house around 8:15 am. I quickly did our "smells and sounds" therapy routine with Baby Bop and the girls before family scripture study. After we read 20 verses and I repeated the "smells and sounds " routine before going out the door at 8:50 am for Baby Bop's preschool. Thursday's are my work day at preschool, so my father-in-law or mother-in-law spend the morning with my girls.

While I was at preschool, my older ones worked on their school work while grandpa played chess and Lego Robotics stuff with my youngest daughter.

At 12 noon on the way home from preschool with a cranky kid, I realized that I didn't have enough room in the car to drive the Lego League carpool. I called Henry at work and arranged to switch vehicles. Half way there, I realized that my father-in-law could take the kids to Lego League. I continued on my way home and arrived around 12:30 pm. Grandpa drove off with the older two girls and went to pick up another Lego team member who needed a ride.

After they left, I realized that I still had a problem. I needed to pick up 3 kids from Lego's which doesn't leave enough room in the car if I have my two younger ones with me. I call a friend to arrange a play date so that I could drop off my youngest daughter on my way to pick up at Lego's. I fed Baby Bop his lunch which greatly improved his temperament. I can't remember what I ate for lunch.

By this time, it is about 1:15 pm and time to go to Baby Bop's speech therapy at the school near my house. Baby Bop and I walked to the school. I allowed my 9 year old to stay home alone (for the first time). While Baby Bop played with the speech therapist, I waited outside and made a few phone calls. Speech therapy ended promptly at 2 pm and we walked home.

After I got home, the play date called and offered to pick my youngest daughter up on their way home from the grocery store. At 2:40 pm, my youngest daughter went out the door with her soccer equipment and was on her way to the play date. I left with Baby Bop for the Lego pick up.

I arrived at Lego's around 3 pm and we loaded up and headed for home. I dropped off my girls at home around 3:30 pm and then drove the Lego teammate home. I received about three phone calls from my middle daughter who was having a difficult time finding her soccer cleats. I called my youngest daughter at her play date and asked her to check to make sure that she didn't have her sister's soccer cleats.

Lucky for us, I remembered that my daughter had helped me catch our bunny in the back yard after the last soccer practice. I called my middle daughter back and suggested that she look in the back yard where she quickly found her cleats.

I arrived home at the same time as my middle daughter's ride to soccer. I took poor Baby Bop out of the car to change his diaper and to feed him a snack. At 4:15 pm, we were back in the car on our way to drop off my oldest daughter at her soccer practice.

After dropping of my oldest daughter, I drove to my youngest daughter's soccer practice (which Henry coaches). My youngest daughter was already there. Her play date lives near the soccer field and they had graciously offered to walk her over to practice.

I had intended to drive to the grocery store and pick up something from the deli for dinner. Baby Bop wanted to play at the soccer field and since the poor kid has spent so much time in the car, we stayed and kicked a soccer ball while the team practiced.

A little after 5 pm, I threw Baby Bop in the car and drove to Jack In The Box. From Jack In The Box, I drove to my oldest daughter's soccer practice, picked her up and headed home. We arrived home around 5:40 pm. Henry got there about 5 minutes later.

Henry quickly changed clothes and Henry and I were back in the car on the way to a foster parent class. Unfortunately, I forgot to grab something out of the Jack In The Box bag for Henry, so he didn't get his dinner till later.

After we left, my middle daughter arrived home for soccer. The girls took turns taking care of Baby Bop and they put him to bed while we were gone. Henry and I arrived at the foster parent class only a few minutes late.

The class ended at 8 pm and (I'm embarrassed to admit) we headed back to Jack In The Box. On our way home, we stopped to pick up something from Henry's soccer coordinator and arrived home around 8:30 pm. Baby Bop was in bed and two of the girls were watching Star Gate on the computer. When the show ended, we had the girls do a 10 minute tidy and sent them off to bed.

Henry and I headed towards bed around 10 pm. I think I was asleep by 11 pm. This morning started with the patter of little feet at 5:58 am.

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ChristineMM said...

What a whirlwind. Glad all survived intact. LOL.

ChristineMM said...

...meaning none of you lost your tempers and took the stress out on each other...

abba12 said...

Maybe not being able to drive is a good thing!

Fatcat said...

Some days are like that. :-)

It reminded me of that secular home-schoolers wish list, where she said she wished people would stop interupting her kids during activities and ask "what about socialization".