Thursday, July 16, 2009

John Taylor Gatto on the purpose of public schools - brainwashing and preparing for factories

Many people have turned to homeschooling because of John Taylor Gatto. In this ten minute video he explains some of his concerns about public schools:

(Hat tip: Twitter Homeschooling wall)

There are a whole lot of other John Taylor Gatto videos on Youtube.

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Ruby in Montreal said...

Love this video. Thanks for posting it!


Gretchen said...

Can you tell us who he is speaking to in this video? Is there more?

Unknown said...

Brainwashing? Doubt it...
Assembly-line, factory workers? Kinda, yes, particularly if you're in Detroit...

That's why you're only option other than home schooling is to check online schools.

Henry Cate said...

Ruby - thank you.

Gretchen - I did a search on Youtube for John Taylor Gatto. Part of the interview is also posted here. It looks like it is part of an interview by Lennart Mogren.

A - I agree that few people ever sat down and made a goal to brainwash children, but with all the push to "teach" children, the effect is many children are being brainwashed.