Friday, March 27, 2009

Late breaking news: Better parenting leads to more competent children

A study found Why children do best with strict parents:

Children are more likely to grow into well-adjusted adults if their parents are firm disciplinarians, academics claimed yesterday.
Traditional 'authoritative' parenting, combining high expectations of behaviour with warmth and sensitivity, leads to more 'competent' children.
It is particularly important for girls, who can suffer from a lack of confidence and may turn to drugs if care is merely adequate, said researchers from London's Institute of Education, a body widely viewed as Left-wing.
The findings, from a Governmentfunded study into parenting qualities, raise questions about whether parents leading hectic lifestyles need only be 'good enough'.


I dug around the Institute of Education, but wasn't able to find a copy of the report.

In our overly permissive society today it is nice to hear some support for parents being firm with their children.

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N8chaluva said...

something about order and routine, living under well defined and routinely "enforced" expectations, serving to give our little ones a firm life-direction and clear sense of identity.

Unknown said...

Gee, I wonder how much they paid to find this information out? A lot of us could have told them that for free.

Charlotte said...

As with most things, moderation and balance are key. The quote has 'authorative' alongside 'warmth and sensitivity'. It's easy to swing too far in either direction. I have found the real discipline is somewhere in the middle, and that is the most dificult for me to practice.

Ruralmama said...

That "Late Breaking News" thing cracked me up.

What a laugh-riot, do people actually get paid to make this stuff up? Who are those "experts"? Childless people?

Ah well, I'm sure there was someone out there that was shocked when the report came out. LOL. Looks like it wasn't anyone here though (grin).

Henry Cate said...

I do wonder about these kinds of studies. Maybe there is some foundation out there which would be willing to pay me money to report things like:

families which spend time together have happier children.