Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another example of politics in public education

Joanne Jacobs reveals how some government school administrators will fight dirty. In Recession attack on charter schools she explains that public schools are threatened by charter schools, and are trying to claim that during the recession we just can't afford to fund them. Chester Finn pokes holes in this claim:

But of course it’s completely cockeyed. If every public-school pupil in America attended a charter school, the total taxpayer cost would be 20-30% LESS than it is today. That’s because charters are underfunded (compared with district schools) and thus represent an extraordinary bargain—even if their overall academic performance isn’t much different from that of district schools. Think of it as the same amount of learning at three-quarters of the price.

Maybe the correct argument is that during the recession we need more charter schools.

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Bob Durtschi said...

That reminds me of the argument on this website:

that shows that vouchers actually increase the amount of money available per student.

Bob Durtschi