Saturday, March 29, 2008

Space Access 2008 - Steve Harrington from Flometrics

Steve Harrington reported on some of the work done by Flometrics. They focus on fluid flows. They have done some medical work, working on issues of different bodily fluids.

He showed some pumps they have developed.

They also work with students at the San Diego University and help them become rocket scientists. Each student puts together a rocket, makes estimates on how high it will go and then measures what it actually does. They launched six rockets and got four back. This quarter they have eleven students and Steve isn't sure how they'll launch eleven rockets in one day.

Steve talked about pumps in general and some of the history of pumps.

Steve would like to sell pumps.

Steve talked about how rocket companies often are too ambitious. He talked about the engineering development process. He says few companies start with a list of requirements. Part of a proper engineering process should include budget for testing. It is better to focus on what you can do with the money you have, rather than attempt to do more that is reasonable.

Steve listed a bunch of projects that got started, but then ran off the money.

Much of what he said about rocket development projects sounds very similar to software development.

The full agenda

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