Saturday, March 29, 2008

Space Access 2008 - Jim Muncy from PoliSpace on Space Politics & Policies

Jim Muncy, founder and president of PoliSpace, encouraged everyone to reach out to Students for the Exploration and Development of Space.

Jim is a political consultant from Washington DC. Jim says there are four seasons in Washington DC: Silly, Stupid, Insane, and winter.

Jim says Hillary is probably the most pro space spending of the presidential cannidates. She has also said some positive things about partnerships with private companies.

John McCain knows something about space. He pro military. He did try to get NASA to better management their budget.

Jim doesn't know where Barack Obama stands. Jim guesses that Obama doesn't support the current status of NASA.

It is important to remember that NASA is not a monolith. The Air Force is not monolith. For example there are the space guys, the airplane guys, and others.

There is a crisis coming. Most people recognize that the shuttle is coming to an end.

The senior senator from Florida has realized that the only way to get to ISS sooner is by commercial space.

Twenty five years ago the House held its first meeting on commercial space. At that time the space shuttle was deploying satellites.

Jim says things are changing. Jim don't know how it will turn out. In the change there are opportunities for all of us. Don't think that everyone at NASA, the Air Force or Congress are going to support small space companies. Don't think they will cut you a check.

In many, many ways we are the Personal Computer of the space industry. One of the big changes was getting people who used mainframes to realize they could solve some of their problem with these small computers.

If you want to sell something to the government, figure out how you can meet a need. Just like you have to do marketing and sales with other companies, look to see how you can help with some of the NASA or Air Force's goals.

Jim sees good times ahead, and hard times ahead.


Q: What will large space companies do when they take small space seriously?
A: Some large companies are figuring out they can get a competitive advantage by using small businesses. The small companies still need to prove themselves, for example get stuff into space.

Q: Randall made the point we need to check our ego at the door

Q: Some question about NASA
A: Elon has not yet launched. It is hard to get a government agency to buy services and goods from private industry.

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