Friday, March 28, 2008

Space Access 2008 - Charles Miller on the Air Forces relationships for getting into space

Charles Miller says the United States Air Force wants to work with private industry. The military is reluctant to work with the "garage people." They want bigger companies. If you want to work with the Air Force make sure you have a reasonable, convincing story explaining what you can do and show that it is doable.

The Air Force wants to put stuff into space.

Charles says that there will be some changes over the next couple years. There will be a new President. They expect some changes in direction, maybe lots of changes.

If you have an interest in getting business from the Air Force Charles can provide contacts.

RASTE is a "marriage broker" as they try to put together private businesses who can provide services with organizations in the Air Force which have needs. Charles encouraged people to attend RASTE, a three day conferences.

The full agenda

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