Thursday, December 27, 2007

Contest for Carnival of Homeschooling graphics

Over the last two years several people have suggested we have a graphic or two for the carnival. I haven’t followed up on these suggestions. I’m not a very artsy person, so I didn’t feel confident in my ability to generate a cool graphic for the carnival.

Here are some great carnival graphics. I’ve really enjoyed the graphic for the Homeschool Blog Awards:

It recently occurred to me that one way to get some cool graphics for the Carnival of Homeschool was to invite others to generate candidates for a contest. This is taking advantage of the The Wisdom of Crowds. What we are going to do is have a two stage contest.

For the first stage people can generate and submit icons for the carnival. They can post the icon on their blog and use Mister Linky to generate a link back. Or they can leave a comment telling us how to get the icon. We want to make sure people have enough time to be creative, so the first stage will last until the 28th of January, 2008. I am hoping for a couple dozen entries for each category.

For the second stage we’ll have a vote on which images people like. Janine and I will select the four to seven graphics we like best in each category, and then everyone can vote.

There are three categories of images: small, medium, and whatever.

The rules for the contest are:
1) The graphics have to be available for others to use. The only options I can think of are a) you created the graphic or b) the graphic is public domain.
2) There is a limit of two images per category, per person.

Are there any other rules we need?

Put on your thinking caps and see what kind of cool graphics you can come up with!

Let us know if you have any questions.

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Unknown said...

Any prizes to sweeten the deal? Folks love prizes!

JacciM said...

Sounds great!! I'm out of town right now, and the internet connection here is PAINFULLY slow, so I'm afraid I'm not blogging again until Jan. 5th. But, I'll be happy to promote the contest then and enter a carnival submission when I get back as well :) Hubby will enjoy working on a carnival graphic with me. We'll make some yummy coffee and have a big, geeky date ;) Hope you all have a lovely new year!


Anonymous said...

I'll have to see if I can make one or two tomorrow if I get a chance.

blogged ya:

* said...
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* said...

my youngest son created and donned this sandwhich board on a lazy summer day while I was in the shower. hope you enjoy our homeschool sense of humour.
here is a link to see the graphic.
didn't mean to delete this the first time. sorry.

Anonymous said...

I've never made a graphic of anything in my life.... so I thought this would be fun - somethin new for this old mama!

Anonymous said...

I posted mine on the whatever Mr. Linky.

but here's a link too.

both are 125x125

That size fits really well on the majority of bloggers' side bars.

Susannah said...

I would like to submit my button in the "small" category. It's easy to enlarge, so if you want a bigger graphic, let me know. Thanks for the fun!

You can view my submission here.

e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Joyful Mother said...

My submissions are here:

Anonymous said...

Hello.... ok, so I finally got mine posted, and I just don't think they'll do any good. I have a new photoshop program, which I am still learning to use... and the ideas I had in my head - I couldn't do on the photoshop. lol

but here they are..

: )


Anonymous said...

[...]This is a pretty random post for the point of posting the banners I have made for The Homeschool Carnival Contest.[...]

Eric Novak

Anonymous said...

I posted mine today. Thanks for the fun! :-)

Middle Age Hacks said...

Sorry you didn't get very many entries. Will you be extending the submission deadline? Please comment back to me at my blog or email me, thanks.

Henry Cate said...

We got lots of entries. I'm happy with the turn out.

I'll move to phase two, probably tomorrow, and post the images so people can start voting on them.

Anonymous said...

Am I somehow missing where we can vote on the graphics?

Or have you not decided on your favorites yet?

Joyful Mother said...

Is this contest over?

Leslie Lambert said...

wonderful. how nice of you to came up with the idea of a contest graphics for Homeschooling. if i knew about this earlier, i should have told my younger brother to participate. he maybe lucky.