Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thomas Sowell has advice for those about to head off to college

I have a lot of respect for Thomas Sowell. I encourage people on the fence over homeschooling to read the first hundred pages of his Inside American Education. The first part of his book covers dozens of problems with K-12 in public schools. The rest of his book reviews problems with American colleges.

This week Thomas Sowell has a column called Choose Wisely on helping high-school students select an appropriate university. His basic premise is that students will get a better education if they avoid the big name prestigious universities.

If you will be sending one of your children off to college in a year or two, this column is well worth reading.

(Hat tip: PalmTree Pundit)

Update I - 26 Oct 07
Sandy found the full text of Thomas Sowell's Choosing a College online!

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Sandy said...

You can read the text to Sowell's book "Choosing a College" here