Friday, May 04, 2007

I am almost back

It has been a rough week. In addition to losing my second daughter's two budgies, I've had major pain in my left leg. Last Friday night my lower calf felt like I had a serious Charlie Horse. It hurt the most when I would sit in a chair. When I would stand or lay down there was a little pain. But when I’d sit in a chair the pain intensified to the point I that couldn’t stay.

The pain was bad enough that I slept about four hours total between Saturday night and Sunday night. Monday morning I went to the doctor's and his diagnosis was my sciatic nerve was pinched. He gave me some pain medication and a set of stretches to relax the lower back.

The pain has decreased. It is still annoying, but I’m getting six and seven hours of sleep each night! And I’ve been able to be productive at work. But I have taken it easy the rest of the time, so I haven’t blogged now for about a week. It appears that it will take another week or two to completely recover, but I’m hoping to start blogging again now.

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Idaho Dad said...

I had sciatic pain a few weeks ago. My whole right leg went from pain to numbness. I used ibuprofen to block the pain, then started a series of stretches to make it better. My kids helped by pushing and pulling on my legs so I could stretch them even further! They took a keen interest in making my pain go away. After about ten days, the sciatica was gone. Now I need to remember to keep up the stretching so it doesn't come back!