Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Carnival of Education: Week 72 - the alphabet version

Welcome to the 72nd edition of The Carnival Of Education. Below are a variety of interesting, amusing, discouraging, and informative posts from around the EduSphere and the greater blogosphere.

Before we get started I'd like to say that it is an honor to host the Carnival of Education. It has also been a lot of fun. I've been exposed to over a dozen blogs I hadn't read before.

One of the first things children learn are the ABCs. In this carnival we have the alphabet of education. We hope you enjoy the variety of interesting posts.


Academic Integrity - A first year teacher has been struggling with Should I Stay or Should I Go? and has finally decided It's Over, and that she will not return to teaching in the fall. She asks if she's made the right choice.

Affirmative Action - At Joyride Through Insanity, Jennifer James shares her thoughts about two upcoming Supreme Court cases where involving affirmative action in public schools, and some of the possible consequences.

Bilingual Education - At HUNBlog Paul Medina makes an argument for Bilingual Education.

Boarding School - Dave Shearon writes about a presentation on Positive Psychology he helped give at a boarding school

Cheerleaders - Ms. Cornelius at A Shrewdness of Apes posts on the threat to the status of cheerleading as a competitive sport in Missouri.

Disposition Requirements - At History if Elementary a teacher wonders about a recent NCATE program and asks Are You Culturally Competent?

Diversity - At Discriminations a carnival participant from long ago writes about a possiblly illegal push to Mimic The Demographics.

Election - A Poor, Starving, College Student looks what politicians say about education, and their campaigns.

Endorsements - At Going to the Mat, Matt Johnston writes about on Endorsement by School Newspaper Is Questioned. A public high school newspaper wrote an article on a Senate race and endorsed the challenger. The incumbent is very upset.

Fail - A NYC Educator writes about The Wild West where teachers can not flunk students who refused to show up for class.

Funding - At Right On The Left Coast we learn that parents in a Sacramento area school district created a non-profit foundation to pay for what used to be standard--field trips, lab equipment, etc. Is this the right or wrong thing to do?

Garden - At the LATimes blog School Me! Adventures in Education we can read about an effort to help children experience nature in Asphalt is easy, green takes guts.

Good student - From Trinity Prep School Maureen shares an epiphany she had about what is a good student in Teachability As A Virtue.

Homework - Muse (from Isreal) at me-ander in The other side of summer homework has some thoughts about appropriate summer homework. And ChemJerk responds to the claim we are hurting our children with too much homework.

Instruction - From the AFT NCLBlog we have two posts about instructing teachers in how to teach reading: one and two.

Justice - We humbly submit our book review of Gansta Island which described a system with no justice.

Kentucky - At Rhymes With Right Greg uses some strong language in discussing a recent controversy in Kentucky about using BCE & CE.

Knowledge - From Text Savvy is a thoughtful post, The Teaching-Content Continuum, about teacher knowledge (content expertise) and teacher training (teaching expertise).

Lables - At Education in Texas Mike struggles with labels applied to him and his co-workers in Unprofessional, insubordinate and un-Christian.

Liberal arts colleges - The Charlotte Capitalist has the latest details on the founding of a new liberal arts college.

Marriage - From Cross Blogging is concern over NEA's proposal to endorse homosexual marriage in NEA endorses Lifestyles.

Money - At EducationMatters US is a post Noboy was Minding the Shop? on how little oversight there's been in following the money as a school superintendent spent the money.

National Board certification - Ed Knows Policy and wonders why we have research if it is going to be ignored in National Board Certification: Educators agree to ignore research.

Networks - Assorted Stuff writes about the next social networks for teenagers in The Next Headline-Grabbing Site.

Oxymoron - From Scheiss Weekly. Just as it says. we have some humor.

Perils - Joanne Jacobs writes about The perils of single-sex thinking, that there may be some problems with single-sex schools.

Professional Development - From The Thomas Institute is a short rant about the number and quality of hours of professional development now required in various school districts.

Quality - EduThink reviews his findings of Teacher Quality in India. He recently interviewed with over 200 teachers in Delhi, India. EdWonk, the organizer of the Carnival of Education, at The Education Wonks writes Getting Better Teachers Into The Classroom.

Reading - Laurie Bluedorn, of the Trivium Pursuit, shares some thoughts about reading aloud to our children.

Resources - Bud the Teacher blogs about interesting educational resources and improving the resources we have in Yet ANOTHER Resource.

Science Education - At A Blog Around The Clock is an update on how Coturnix is teaching 8-week Intro Biology course at a community college.

Strange bedfellows - At Eduwonk guest blogger Dianne Piche muses about a Mixed Up EduWorld.

Top 5 things - Learn Me Good blogs about the Top 5 Things*I Am Not Missing This Summer.

Underwhelming Response - At This Week in Education is a copy of a recent speech by Education Secretary Spellings.

Valedictorian - At Below The Beltway Doug wonders why our society has trouble celebrating excellence.

Voucher - From Get on the Bus Scott compares Voucher spin vs. reality.

Work - Jenny D. wants her daughter to work hard and take some challenging classes. Jenny records her thoughts after Conversation with a Mom who doesn't want her daughter to fail.

eXperience - From VAULTlife a college student shares some of the lessons he has learned surviving the first semester.

eXtravagant - 3 Standard Deviations ToThe Left has the budgets on some Senior Parties.

Year round school - At I Thought a Think a teacher ponders the impact of year round school on his life.

Zzzzz - We need to get some sleep. It is after midnight. (Yes, I know this is an exactly what I said the last time we used the alphabet theme for a carnival.)


The EdWonk often reminds us: "As always, the secret for having a well-attended Carnival is publicity. We are requesting your help in getting the word out. The more folks that know about this collection of exhibits, the more that will 'drop-in' and visit the midway." At likewise I'll make the same pled, please help promote this carnival.

You can wander through old Carnival of Education by going through the archive.

Next week the Carnival of Education will be hosted by Melissa Wiley at the Liltinghouse. Submissions should to by 6pm Eastern time on the 27th.

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I'd like to thank everyone who has helped out. Thank you to all the participants in this carnival. And thanks to all those who help promote the Carnival of Education.

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Anonymous said...

An A+ job on the 72nd Carnival of Education.

Applause and Affirmations,

Mike in Texas said...

Congratulations and what a unique way to organzie the carnival!

EHT said...

Most Excellent! Great summer reading and so many new blogs I haven't seen before. Thanks for the fantastic job.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am always excited to see a new arrangement for the Carnival. Excellent Job, I second "maureen"....

Anonymous said...

This was outstanding! Man, do I have a lot to read this week!
happy Summer!

Mamacita (The REAL one) said...

Excellent Carnival, and thank you for including me.

Darren said...

Fantastic job.

Mister Teacher said...

Most impressive! Covering the bases from A to Z. I'm proud to be included!

Anonymous said...

What a variety of posts! Great job, and thanks for the new blogs to read.

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graycie said...

Excellent job -- you've included places, people, and views that I don't normally run across. Thanks for broadening my horizons.

Kim C. said...

Love the theme! And tons of posts - I'll have plenty of late night reading material if I ever manage to go into labor.

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