Monday, May 22, 2006

Barbaro came through surgery

All three of our daughters love horses. I am afraid there is something in the blood. My grandparents had a horse ranch. My sister has five horses. For those of you who don't know, horses can be very expensive. I wish my daughters were interested in something cheaper, like paper making paper dolls.

We started watching the three big horse races that make up the Triple Crown. My daughters were very excited when Barbaro won the Kentucky Derby by over six lengths, two week ago. Two days ago, on Saturday, we sat down to watch the Preakness. The girls were pulling for Barbaro. Just out of the starting gate Barbaro broke a couple bones in his right hind leg. This is life threatening for a horse. It has been very hard on my middle daughter. We've been checking the news every couple hour.

This morning we checked the news and were happy to read that Barbaro came through surgery OK, but it looks like he still has a hard road ahead of him. It was interesting to learn that the horse hospital Barbaro is at is 90 acres.

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Joanne said...

My middle daughter also loves horses and spends time apprenticing at a horse ranch.
We moved to Ocala, Florida which is known as "The Horse Capitol of the World". A lot of the race horses are bought and trained here.

Anonymous said...

It was sad.

You might take your kids to see Dreamer,if you haven't already, Henry. It's a great movie and might make your daughter feel better.

There's always hope.