Thursday, April 27, 2006

Washington DC Trip - Days 3 to 5 - with family

Day 3

We checked out of our hotel, a Best Western. We loaded everything into my brother's car. He drove over to park near Union Station. My wife and I took our three girls over via the Metro. We meet at the steps of the Supreme court.

We had to rush to the Senate Hart Office building. We had a 11:00 AM tour of the Capital scheduled through one of our senators. We were a couple minutes late, but made it before the tour left. And there was enough room that my brother and his three daughters were able to be on the tour.

The hour long tour was fun. One of the senator's aids took us into Senate side of The Capital. We learned some history. At the end of the tour we then waited in line to see the House floor from the gallery. Since Congress wasn't in session, there was little activity on the floor.

We had lunch at the Senate cafeteria. The food was good and there was an amazing amount of variety. It was a bit of a zoo, there were tons of people. I wonder how crazy the cafeteria is when Congress is in session.

After lunch we walked with my brother to his car. We got a few bags. He headed back to his home, in central Virginia. We headed into Union Square to a car rental. We picked up our car.

We headed out of Washington DC. The traffic wasn't too bad. I was expecting worse for a Friday afternoon. It took us about four hours before we arrived at my brother's house. We have a DVD player on which our daughters a couple movies.

Day 4

This was a slow day for my wife and I. Our daughters played with their cousins nonstop.

I played Civilization IV. I've recently bought the game, but our PCs are too old and slow to run the game. It was fun to finally play Civ IV.

We talked, ate, relaxed.

Day 5

After church we had lunch and hit the road back to Washington DC. We arrived about 6:00 PM. We stayed at a different hotel, Hotel Harrington. I dropped my family off and headed over to Union Square to return the rental car, and then walked back.

The rest of the trip

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