Saturday, February 11, 2006

Selections from - 11 Feb 2006

I found a couple interesting articles from EducationNews.Org today:

David W. Kirpatrick, Senior Education Fellow at U.S. Freedom Foundation, writes about education reform. He makes the observation that in the past major reforms have taken a lot of time. In the case of unions and letting women vote it took decades. He makes a call for people to keep pushing for reform in education. To an extent he is right; to fix the education system in America will take time. But I think he wants to work within the current framework and just tweak public schools. I think it would be better to scrape the current system, at least go to vouchers and get the Federal government out of the picture. There has been a number of reforms over the last thirty years, and yet things have gotten worse.

At The Washington Times Deborah Simmons has an opinion piece about a fight to keep charter schools out of Capital Hill, a part of D.C. It appears a group of people don't want a charter school in their neighborhood, so they have taken to the courts and have filed a lawsuit. This is one of the reasons reform is hard. Here we have some teachers who want to break out of the traditional public school straightjacket, and parents who want to send their children to what they see as a better school, but a small group of people are throwing up a number of roadblocks. A very sad part about how long reform takes is that thousands, millions, of children are suffering. As more parents understand the value of homeschool I think more and more will just step outside the box and make sure their children get a quality education.

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