Saturday, April 21, 2007

Two more ways to get some visibility for your blog

I like this line by Gilbert and Sullivan in Ruddigore:

"If you wish in the world to advance . . . you must stir it and stump it, and blow your own trumpet, Or trust me, you haven'ta chance!"

Successful blogging is a balance of writing stuff people want to read, and spending some time getting others to notice your blog.

Several months ago I built a list of ways to increase traffic for a blog. I’ve come across two additional sites which have promise. Both of them are places you go to register your blog. I joined awhile back. I haven’t noticed a big increase in traffic, but I figure every little bit helps.

Blogarama is a blog directory. They have 47,000 blogs registered. I’ll try using this for awhile to see if it provides me with the types of blogs I’m looking for. It seems like if I want to look for something I’ll have better luck with Google which searches most blogs.

Blog Flux is also has a blog directory. They provide a number of other services. They have a Map Stats option. I couldn’t get their Page Rank service to work.

Anyone come across a new way for getting people to notice your blog?

Update I - 24 April 07

As AhmedF wrote in a comment Page Rank is now working. I've added it to our template.

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Unknown said...

Slight server problems, our Page Rank checker is working A-OK again.