Saturday, April 21, 2007

Toddlers and children's literature

We haven't had a toddler of our own for a couple years. Our youngest daughter is six. (She will tell you that she is six and three quarters, soon to be seven.) We do have a few toddlers in our life. For example our oldest daughter regularly babysits a darling little girl every Monday afternoon. We all enjoy the little girl's zest for life. We may be having more toddlers in the house soon. We are about to hand in all the paperwork for foster care.

If you want to read more about tolddlers, or share the joy of having your own toddler, then there is a blog carnival for you. The first Toddler Carnival is up at Sweetness and Light.

I find it fascinating that many toddlers love books. Even before they could talk each of my daughters would sit and look at books, some times for hours. Recently books have become even a larger part of my older two daughters' lives. Every Friday they come home from the library and disappear into a new stack of books. We are always on the look out for more good books.

The monthly Carnival of Children's Literature is a good place to start. This month the carnival is held at Jen Robinson's Book Page. There is a huge selection. I wonder if the carnival will start appearing twice a month.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to the children's literature carnival (and for contributing)! It's always great to hear about kids who love books.

klh said...

I'm a mom who is homeschooling her 20 month old girl. We are having SO MUCH FUN that I started a blog of the toddler activities I'm doing with her to help her both to learn and to love to learn. It's